now its fall time

we had a house full of grand kids the other night. I liked that. we had both the boys and girls.  we took them to fall dance.  they were good. I remember them old folks saying you teach your kids at home.

I didn’t finish my green roach yet. probably wont get to it til  the dance is over. I developed a rhythm doing roaches.

I can work on them almost everyday in some way. sorting the hair takes the most time. it is also the most monotonous. good thing I can listen to music or watch t.v. I have so much hair that I don’t think I will buy anymore this year. I probably will take my buying hair page off.

we have been getting some rain. I still have a few things growing. I think most of them are ready to pick. I will clear out my grow boxes after the dance is over. my peppers turned red. I am hoping my sweet potatoes did good. I planted them in several boxes after other crops were done. I will have another picking of sema after this rain.

the leaves haven’t started to fall yet. nor have they started turning colors. I am surprised our grass is still green too. I will have to mow at least one more time.  it is fall but it still acts like summer. fall weather will come though. I want to go hunting. I don’t hunt that much anymore. it is mainly to get out in the timber. I like the peacefulness of being there.

I have an app on my phone that tells me about any withdrawals from my account. it also tells me my balance. it sent me a text saying my balance is low. I knew that. my old folks check coming in a few days. I am trying to save for my Hawaii trip. I will have been in all 50 states after I go there. it wasn’t a bucket list item of mine but did become one after seeing so many states.

still have a coupla more days of fall dance…