columbo uh..indigenous day

today is indigenous day. not Columbus day. nor is it to be confused with native American day held a coupla weeks ago. I don’t know how to celebrate or not celebrate the occasion. so I will just kick back today. been busy at our fall dance for the past 4 days. I can use a day off.

I put in a request to have my garden plowed this fall. I will move my garden to new ground since they are plowing. then they will disc the plowed area. I will let my old garden spot lay fallow this next year.

when I first moved into this house 30 some years ago, I turned over a garden area with a shovel. that’s how much I wanted a garden. I was willing to put the work into it. I had real good luck with new ground. I got about a gallon of corn per row.

I found an arrow head in that first garden. I also found a piece of pipe stone that had been worked and a small piece of clay. the clay was smooth on one side and had straw in the middle. some indians(or were they indigenous) lived here long before I did. my garden will be moved back to this area. maybe some thing else will turn up.

I kinda feel some pride in helping get the tractor and all its attachments. I had to go up against some that didn’t want to do their job and then some that tried to use ”the rules” not to get it. finally got it worked out to spend the grant money to get the equipment. it didn’t cost the tribe a penny. now they will use that tractor to plow my garden. I really don’t understand why some wont try to make things better for our people.

I took some paw paws to our dance. people ate them. a few younger ones didn’t know what they were. one guy remarked that he hadn’t seen one for a long time. kinda glad I took some over there.

I cant wait til the leaves fall so I can go hunting. I like walking around out in the timber. maybe I will go pick up some indian dice counters while I am out there. I know where to find a few of the trees that have them on. gonna need them for the indian dice sets I am gonna make.

will enjoy this day and every day…………..