almost frosted

this is a picture wabeno took when we were in Tulsa. we got on the elevator and she said look up. we did and she took this. I thought it was kinda funny because I wouldn’t think to take one like this.. normally I only use pictures I take.

the weather guy said it was gonna be near frost last night. some places would get frost. that scared me enough that I picked the rest of my sema. I didn’t want the cold to ruin the leaves. it is late in the growing season anyway.  it was kinda cold as I picked the leaves. I needed to warm up after picking  each row. I ended up with a sink full.

I am lucky I got that much. the heat zapped my young plants twice. good thing I kept reseeding and transplanting. it paid off, I did get a crop. I appreciate whatever I end up with. me and my family depend on it a lot.

today I will pick all of my turnips, beets, peppers and sweet potatoes. most of these are my second crop from my grow boxes. i will toss the trimmings into my compost pile. it is time to get the boxes emptied out. I probably will build a few more boxes before next growing season. I am sold on grow boxes now. actually I have been. I keep adding more.

a guy i have bought wood from called me yesterday asking if I needed any. I missed his call cause I was working. I will call him back and tell him probably not this year. I will take my chances with the tribe. I was buying some because I would only get half a load or all green wood. sometimes I would get wood that burned fast and left no coals. I want my fire to burn all night, especially when it is cold. like below zero.

a young guy that brought me some last year said shouldn’t have to buy any. I agreed. well especially now that I am living on a fixed income, I cant afford to buy it.  so I will hope I get enough. I am too old to go out and cut it myself. I could but my arthritis would make me pay for it.

I started tying the outer deer trim on my latest roach yesterday. so much for a day off. didn’t finish it because I got busy doing other things. it wont take long now. I will start another one soon as this one is done. I will keep churning them out this winter.

gotta go get my flu shot then start working………

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