golf, mag cover and porky hair

this is a picture of my son joe playing in the golf tournament for the boys and girls club yesterday. he was on a team with my wife, my niece and his coworker.  mary took the picture. they didn’t say how they did so I assume they didn’t win.

I never took the game up. I wouldn’t know what club to use. I am like my uncle bud. he said they hit the ball way the hell over there, then run over there and do the same thing. maybe he had a better grasp of the game than I. I doubt I ever pick the game up. might be too late for me to learn.

I wanted to use a picture of my daughter hattie. I would run into copyright issues or have to credit where I got the photo. she is on the front cover of the latest tribal business journal. she is part of the all female Native American Financial Officers Association board of directors. she is the treasurer of that group based out of Washington d.c. I am proud that she was elected to the national position. I have no doubts that girl will go far in life. she is doing it on her own merit.

yesterday I went for my flu shot. seems I always end up with a cold. I know that has nothing to do with the shot. colds and flus are separate things. I took the shot as a precaution. I don’t like being sick.

I received an email from a trapper I have bought porcupine hair from. he asked if I am still buying hair. he always had real good hair. probably the best supply of it I had. I want to say no but would hate to pass on the stuff he is selling. I had another guy asked if I wanted two ounces of hair. I passed on that. I have enough hair to make over a hundred and fifty roaches. that will take a few years. maybe I will never finish them.

I was amused the other day by our president. he was going on bout how his IQ is higher than everyone else. I wonder why he says so many dumb things if he has such a high IQ.

I finished my sema the other day. now I am just waiting for it to dry. looks like I will have enough for the coming year.

gotta finish my latest roach. its almost done.


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