a night out on the rez

i took this picture in the amish town I went to when I bought my crooked neck squash. it is just the horses and wagons parked in town. these are the ones Andrew wanted to ride. I went to a dinner last night at the senior citizen site. my sister jackie and hardy were the honored senior citizens. after we ate a good dinner they were brought to the front of the room and seated on the chairs of honor. they were given gifts by the staff.

then family and friends were asked to come up and share memories of the two. members of my family told me to say something. I said I don’t want to. they replied I am the oldest in the family. I am now that my older brothers are gone.  I did get up to say a few things.

I said I knew both honorees for 50 to 60 years. I added jackie and i grew up in a house about a mile from we were. the house had no electricity or running water. I said we were poor but didn’t know it. etc.  most of our people today don’t know that rez. now we live in a different world economically.

I ended by saying after 65 years me and jackie were still speaking. (thats my age, jackie is a year younger) I said that is an accomplishment on this rez. many of our people don’t talk to their fellow skin. it wasn’t like that when we didn’t have money.

I had a piece of cake that looked so rich I thought it would kill this diabetic. it didn’t. someone teased me when I was reaching for it. I said if I was gonna die, at least I would have a smile on my face.

the world serious was on again last night. I only watched part of the game. wonder if not having any money on the game had anything to do with that. many people bet on the series. it adds interest to the games.

I remember a nun that used to be around here that would look for me to get into a world series pool. once I told her it wasn’t fair if she prayed for a win. pools took a major hit when someone ripped people off in one pool. I think that was the only time that happened but it ruined pools.

the old wood stove might get fired up this weekend. temps in the 20s are expected. I like the feeling of a good fire going in the stove. it reminds me of the old days.