colder weather

Andrew started playing soccer. he wanted to go outside and play this morning. it is 27 degrees out there. we said no. now he’s practicing in the hallway.

my house has a furnace but I prefer using a wood stove. it reminds me of my youth.  we save money by burning wood instead of propane. this year propane aint as high as it was in previous years.

years ago, most houses on the rez had to use wood stoves. the houses weren’t as insulated as they are now. the insulation would settle to the bottom and there would be cold spots in the walls. no such thing as storm windows either. the window frames weren’t air tight so they leaked cold air. when I hear people complain about housing today I have to smile. they didn’t live in the houses we grew up in.

its time to clean the stove pipes out. it is getting cold enough  to get a fire going. usually when it is cold, I keep a fire going a month or two. there is an art to doing that. it wont be cold every day. I might make a fire overnight and let it go out during the day when temps aren’t that bad. a wood fire gives the house that home feeling I think.

when I was young we would help keep the fire going. one of our chores was to bring wood in for the cook stove and heating stove. at times we had to go to the timber and carry back wood. that was when not many had chainsaws. we had a stand that they put logs on. then they would saw the wood into stove size chunks with hand saws. that was labor-intensive. later we got modern and bought a gas stove run off propane.

trunk or treat is tomorrow. we will take the grandsons over. when I worked at the health center I used to help with our display. we would raise money to pay for the things we needed. at different times, we had a hay ride past a haunted cemetery, a haunted tunnel, prizes for a cake walk etc. I had fun doing that for our kids.

good thing I brought in the rest of what I had growing. it was below freezing last night. winter is coming….