the heat goes on

whenever people ask me when do you pick menashkuk, I tell them around the 4th of july. that’s give or take. sometimes its  earlier and sometimes its later. its ready when its ready. I have it growing in the ditch by my house. that is convenient. I  picked mine when it was cool the other day.

I use it whenever we have a sweat here. that aint often but I like to drink it and make the steam with this medicine. it makes the whole lodge smell good. I can usually smell it in my hair afterward too. after I picked it I tied it up in bundles and hung it in the house to dry. it gives off a sweet smell while drying too.

since it was a cool day I picked some wild grape leaves too. I put some away for later use. I brewed some on the stove and added it to water in the sink. I washed my hair in that. my hair feels good. some old guy told me to wash my hair in that now and then. it does the hair good.

my corn was slightly wilting the other day. after the last rain it is looking good again. I noticed that it is tasseling and some stalks have been forming ears that have silk on them. that is real early. I may get corn a little earlier this year. I pick it when it is ready.

I have been eating a lot of fresh vegetables lately. they either come from my garden or from farmers markets or road side stands. I like to eat tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons fresh. sometimes I add some salt but normally I stay away from salt. get enough of it in other foods.

I have made pico de gallo a few times. I like it with chips. I have eaten a few fresh cantaloupes I bought. mine didn’t come up. gotta eat what ever is in season. nothing will taste like this when winter comes except what we canned, froze or dried.

I get a few strawberries. if Andrew don’t eat them, I get to taste a few. I have been watering my plants from the rain barrels. my doctor said I could find a pump to get the water to the plants easier. I said yeah but I get exercise from carrying the 2 gallon watering can back and forth. he agreed.

mary went with my sister to pick blue berries. I stayed because I have to finish my latest roach. we both picked berries last year at this same place. we canned them. we have been eating them since last year.

the temps will be in the 90s most of the next 10 days. there is a slight chance of rain but the heat will return. I am glad my crops are hanging in there. we are getting rain when we need it. that’s good. hope that continues.