finishing another woodland style roach

mary went with a couple of other ladies from the rez to pick blackberries. i am guessing she will can them. our freezer is full from the hog we bought and had processed. we also have nenwezhek, a turtle and frozen veggies in there. we also keep our dried corn and dried squash in the freezer.

I had planned on going but I decided to stay home to finish a roach. it is almost done. maybe just an hour or two worth of work on it. all I have left to do is tie the outside deer tail trim. it will be mainly blue. it is small woodland style roach with a double row of almost 8 inch front hair. i had a blue one done but one of our veterans wanted it. i am anxious to see him wear it.

the gathering is just over 2 weeks away. i know i will finish this one but I am hoping I can finish another roach. two more may be pushing it. i will have 12 roaches done by the gathering. that is plenty. i want the potawatomi nation (or is it nations now?) to see the roaches i make. who knows maybe some will buy theirs from me. i believe mine are better than many out there on the circuit.

I never know what I will be doing. that is the reason i don’t have a set routine. we gonna have our summer dance soon. I will be there for a few days. who knows what else will come up.

i am hoping that we get saturdays’ predicted ‘scattered thunderstorms’ . my corn is forming and needs the rain to fully develop. if we don’t get it, i may not get a good crop of corn this year. i have been watering my sema from rain barrels. the rain barrels  are mostly empty now. my plants aren’t as big as they should be.

i am getting cherry tomatoes in spite of the heat. i have been eating them. i dried some in this dehydrator i bought at a garage sale for a coupla bucks. dried tomatoes are kinda pricey compared to doing that yourself for nothing. i will use the dried tomatoes in stew and soup this winter.

the heat is taking its toll on my lawn. the grass is turning brown. this is real early for that to happen. that usually happens in the fall. summer has just started but the heat started early this spring. gotta live with nature.

this heat makes me think about growing up on the rez years ago. we didn’t have a/c. or fans either. we had to live with the heat. we didn’t get to complain about it. the roads weren’t paved or graveled. when cars went by, the dust would hang in the hot air. don’t know why i remember that.

gotta get busy.