got some rain

it rained some yesterday. more rain is predicted the next few days. I am hoping it will help my corn. the heat might have stunted the growth of the ears of corn. my stalks grew tall early but no ears formed on some of them.  but it is still early. we usually dry corn the first part of august. it still may grow these next few weeks.

I don’t know if I will get very much corn, i have to wait and see what happens. that’s the way it is with nature. sometimes everything goes good, other times no rain or sunshine when you need it. or too much heat. I am glad I still have some dried corn left from previous crops.  if I go skunk I will still have corn i can depend on .

my pepper plants are still growing but haven’t any peppers on them. i have jalapeno, Anaheim, bell and habanero peppers growing. i kept them alive by watering in this heat. i am still hoping i get peppers. i use a lot of them in cooking or spicing up food.

seen on the news that the rez is in the part of the state that is in a drought warning. we aren’t as bad as the west part of the state where they are in a drought. we aren’t there yet. maybe if we get enough rain we wont be in a drought.

my rain barrels didn’t collect as much rain as other parts of the rez got. mary went to get some barbeque and said there was a down pour near the casino. we didn’t get that much only a few miles away. I cleaned out the barrels before the rain. they get dirty at the bottoms. they will be clean for the next rain.

I probably wont get as much sema this year because of the heat. I had one picking that I fixed. I got a few big leaves but they aren’t getting that big now. I am keeping my plants alive by watering them. I will get another picking I am hoping. I still wont get that much though. i should have enough to last me til next year.

I have been feeding the humming birds around my house. they come back year after year maybe because i have humming bird vines all over my tool shed and chicken house. i can see 4 or 5 humming birds that i am feeding in this heat.  I like watching the birds.

I had a problem with the humming bird feeders when I kept bees. after a few years my bees swarmed. don’t know why. I wished they hadn’t because they pollinated my garden. now nothing bothers the humming bird feeders.

we were lucky we had 4 grand kids for a few hours last night. make me think of the kids taken from their parents at the border. i am happy the kids trapped in the cave in Thailand were rescued. the world was concerned about those 12 kids. i wish the world had the same concern for the thousands taken from their parents at the border.

i started another woodland style roach. i already finished the base and tied the inner deer tail trim on. gotta sort the porcupine hair next. that will take a few days. i should have this roach done this coming week.