gave blood, went to a play

I donated my red blood cells, or double platelets yesterday.  the blood drive was held at the clinic.  I have been donating my blood for several years. probably since I worked there before retiring.  I get to visit with some that I worked with.

they hook me up to a machine and draw out my blood. they take what they need and give me back the rest. they can use the red blood cells immediately for any blood type. with whole blood they have to wait a few days to use it.

I had an appointment to donate last time but I totally spaced it out. I was glad I donated this time. I do this  because back in my days on the street I would sell my plasma. more often than not, it was to get drinking money. that was for the wrong reason.

last night they had a dress rehearsal of the play they will put on at the gathering. it was held at the casino. the play is about  the prairie band’s fight to stop our termination back in the 50s. most of the actors in the play are from the rez. some are even related to the characters in the play.

I enjoyed the live theater. it was a good play about part of our history. I remember some of the characters in the play. I will go see it again at the gathering. they will do it a couple of times.

I took a few pictures with my cell phone. I wished I had taken my Nikon camera instead. mary and my son joe are in the production. my sister helped stage the play. I am related to many in the play. and probably to most of the ones that were watching the play.

at the end of the play they sang a 49 song. the cast led the audience in dancing around the room. I got up and joined in the dance. I told someone I have known for years, that I haven’t danced a 49 song while sober. she laughed. back in the day, I went to some huge 49s where there were hundreds of people.

I didnt have a chance to stay and visit after the play. they served drinks and cookies. I grabbed a pop and left. we were having our summer dance. I had to get over to it.