more corn

we picked corn yesterday. it was about a week and a half after the first batch we dried. we got about a gallon and a half more to dry this time. it was probably better corn than the first batch we had.

i put it on a screen to dry. it set up pretty good in one day. it was raining this morning but is suppose to be dry this afternoon. I will put the screen it is on out in the sun later so it will continue to dry.

I have doubts that we will get any more corn this year. didn’t look like any more ears were forming.  I am happy we got some. gotta take what you get. I was wondering if we would get any so I am thankful we had some to dry. I will plant indian corn  again next year. can’t let an off year  discourage me.

I remember a story an old man told. he said this guy dropped some corn. so he picked up every kernel that fell. when asked why he was doing this, the guy said ‘corn is sacred’ you have to respect it.

i checked out the indian beans growing on the corn stalks. the vines are over 5 feet long. but no bean pods on them. maybe after this rain they will develop. i hope i get some indian beans. my pepper plants are finally having peppers form on them. i may get some hot sauce yet.

my grandson brought in some cucumbers too. they are producing now. my sweet potatoes are growing too. good thing i kept watering all plants during the heat wave. it kept my plants alive. they still might give me a crop.

i walked 6 miles on the paved road near my house last week. i will keep walking as long as it is cooler. there is always the treadmill to use when the weather prevents me from walking outside. the old treadmill still works. glad it has lasted this long. i got my moneys worth out of it.

my grand children come over often. they like to play outside. sometimes the dogs bother them. i was surprised my two year old grand daughter told my dogs to get away in indian. she must have heard me or the boys say that enough to know it works.

i gave up cheap cigars a few years ago. i only smoke when a ceremonial pipe is passed now. recently i was showing some one how to fix our sema. he gave me a nice cigar for my time. it was the kind they keep behind glass doors. i smoked it because it was a gift.

i enjoyed that good smoke. one of my sons is taking a cruise in the Caribbean next month. i told him to get me a Cuban cigar. i am looking forward to smoking that. life is too short to smoke cheap cigars.