almost august

I got busy yesterday and took pictures of the dozen roaches I have done. its a good thing i was a photographer in a former life. and its good i charged the batteries for my Nikon camera. i wanted to take pictures at the gathering.

I posted the pictures on my website here. they are on the “roach head dresses for sale” page. I wanted them posted before the gathering in case someone wanted to use paypal to get a roach. I know not many travel with that kind of cash.

i have been buying old used wooden baseball bats at garage sales or flea markets. modern ballplayers use aluminum bats now so they getting rid of the old wooden ones. i use them to wrap the roaches with.  after taking the pictures i wrapped all the roaches. if someone buys a roach i will throw the bat in free. it will make transport easier and will protect the roach while in transit.

i try not to pay too much for the bats though. a supply house sells roach sticks for $5. that’s the price i use as a base. i try to get bats for half that or less. why pay 5 or more for a bat i have to cut down anyway when i can get a ready made stick. some say the bats are collectables and sell them for more but i pass on anything over a few bucks.

i imagine some of our potawatomi guests from the other bands are here. i haven’t been out and about. i will go set my stand up sometimes. maybe tomorrow. for sure before the pow wow on Friday.

i have only been to a few gatherings. don’t know most of the ones that go to all of them.  i will get to meet people by having a stand on the main drag at the grounds. for sure i will get in some visiting and take some pictures.

i wonder if some will be playing the ‘im more tradish than you’ game during the gathering. when indians get together, someone always has to run that down. some of our band do that but don’t live the life. just talk a good game. who really cares if some one is more tradish.  life aint a contest. we each have our own lives to lead.

today is the birthday of my son william. both of my grandsons asked me if i was gonna buy them a nerf gun for that. i asked why, it aint their birthday. they have been trying to scam their misho into buying them nerf guns. they see them on t.v.  Andrew is all game to sell one of his smaller hand drums i made him. it is a small one he outgrew. i will put it on my stand.

i told a few people that i am not a religious man but i had to give thanks that a few candidates didn’t get elected. indians have enough problems without electing worthless politicians.