now its winter

at the last KU basketball game I was sent this picture by my son. I texted him back and asked where the hell are you. he replied at home. then he said a classmate of his took this and sent it to him. I said damn that was spooky to be sitting somewhere and you get a picture of yourself. made this old hippie think big brother  really is watching our every move. 

the picture made us look a bit serious. it was because the game was closer than I would like it to be. we ended up winning. some say we aint playing that good. well our team is undefeated and beat some good teams. when we do play up to our best, I don’t think there are many if any teams that can beat us. rock chalk.

it will be the start of winter according to the calendar this week. for me it is winter now. we had our winter dance. that is the real start of the season for this indian. 

it is nice that we have had snow several times already. we need the moisture in the ground. we were in near drought conditions last year. parts of Kansas were in drought conditions. I plant a garden every year. its a gamble but I take it. I still have some dried corn left even after a coupla bad years. the good years carry me thru the lean ones. 

I am kinda considering applying for the part time garden job. I don’t want to work full time. I love my retirement. only reason I wanna get a part time job is to have more travel money. I haven’t walked on the great wall of china yet. no guarantee I would get hired but I might apply anyway. if I dont get it that wouldn’t matter. my life goes on. 

they are threatening a government shut down. I wonder how long it would be before the average American citizen would notice no one is doing anything for them. the rich would order congress back to work to pass more favorable legislation for them. 

I thought Christmas cards were a thing of the past. I got two of them. I was pleased with that. one from my grandkids. the other was from my mother in Oklahoma. in case you are wondering how can this guy have three mothers, it is an indian thing eh. I was adopted by a family in Oklahoma. I used to go there for ceremonies a lot. and my family adopted a lady to take the place of our mother here. I am lucky.

my chickens are still laying eggs. I get a few eggs every day. that makes it worth my time of going out there every day to feed and water them. I raise chickens because I have to have fresh eggs. store bought don’t taste as good as the kind you raise. if we have any extra we sell them. I cover part of my feed costs that way. 

I wont get to sort any porcupine hair today. the grand daughters are coming.  and Samuel doesn’t have school this week so he is here this week. I will get to working on roaches when I can. I always put in some hours every week on that. today it is time to entertain the grandkids. .

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