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I had to put in a bid on the bird house that Andrew built and painted. he showed me which house he made. he made one last year too. I bid $20 on it and won. I bid the same thing on this one. misho indulges the kid. he wanted this one in our yard too.

I seen we had a squirrel in the freezer. we cooked it yesterday with yellow corn mush. I like it that way. it was how it was fixed when I was young. I enjoyed eating the squirrel. it was good. I even ate the head.

an old guy once told me that hunters aint suppose to eat the heads. that’s because the deer will hear you coming. I used to eat the head when I was young because it would be what was left after guests and big people ate.  we had to wait til they were done eating.

that reminded me of a funeral we had here once. some students came up from Haskell. an old guy asked them if they wanted some squirrel. the look they gave was priceless. the old guy said no its good and started to eat the squirrel head, starting with the eyeballs.  he said the brains are good too. he cracked open the skull and ate the brains. the girls looked shocked. the old guy was having fun.

the KU basketball game played last night wasn’t on a channel I have. I listened to the game on the radio while walking on the tread mill. I walked two miles. we used to listen to KU games on the radio when we were in high school. in those days they would only televise a few games a year. mostly during tournaments. you had to listen to the games on the radio. us indians would talk about the game next day at Mayetta high. 

indians always have food at every thing they do. that’s good. what aint good is the sweets.  we have many diabetics in our tribe.  I am one of them. when someone offers me cake I tell them I shouldn’t have it.  I say I am diabetic, if you want to kill me it would be easier to shoot me. that brings a strange reaction but I make my point. they could be killing me with cake but I try to watch what I eat. 

I paid for another year of my website. viva la reznjun. I was looking for a stamp to mail my check with. all I had were some jimi Hendrix stamps I bought.  the daily hits on my site have dropped drastically over the years. I toned my stuff down. I would get hate mail from some that weren’t bright enough to realize no one forces them to read my blog. and a few bureaucrats resented they didn’t have editorially control over what I wrote. the tribe dropped links to other websites for that very reason. 

i pay for my website  to advertise my roach head dresses. i only blog because I pay for my site anyway so why not write every few days for the hell of it. i like to write. it gives me practice for the book i am writing.  politics and/or controversy get the most reads but I aint into that. I only write for my hard core readers. some have read my ramblings for years. that is who I write for. I couldn’t care less about the narrow minded who miss the point.

speaking of my website. something kinda related. a guy asked me if I had any t shirts with my “” logo on them. guess he was interested in one. probably cuz he is a rez injun. it made me wonder if others were interested in the same thing. maybe I can get some made up for advertising. that is if I can get a good deal on some t shirts. I wont pay concert price for a shirt. 

went to topeekie yesterday. I had to buy a new keyboard. I dropped the old one some many times my computer didn’t recognized it. my computer worked fine but I couldn’t type anything into it. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. I got tired of the wires on my desk. now I can keep surfing the net. 

gotta work on my roaches today.

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  1. I’m really glad you still write, I like reading your thoughts about life and other topics. Always happy to see a new post, I’ll try to say so more often. Myself and others are grateful for your voice.

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