nearing christmas

this is a picture of a Jayhawk on the over head score board at allen field house. I took it the last game I went to. probably wont go to any more games this year. gotta watch them on tv when I can get the game. like tomorrow. I can watch the Jayhawks play Arizona state. rock chalk.

I was reminiscing about my youth. I remember that almost every small town used to have a building that had an entire wall painted white. it was to show movies on. I remember seeing those painted walls. Mayetta had one. so did Delia. the walls stayed painted for years after they stopped showing movies on them.

I dont remember actually watching a movie on one of these outdoor theaters. I thought my mother said we did go to them. I just dont remember.

I have to go weigh in today for the holiday challenge. last week I gained bout half a pound. that is not the direction I hope to be going. I hope I didn’t gain again this week. I only walked once and lifted weights once this week. I will walk on the treadmill today for sure.

I haven’t gambled in so long I dont remember the last time I did. gotta be a few months at least. maybe I am jonesing. that will change this next week end. we wont have any grand kids then. I told mary we should head south to play bingo. it is just over the Kansas border. i need to get off the rez now and then.

I want to play bingo in newkirk because of their deals. I can pay $27 to play for a thousand dollar payout. the good thing is they dont use machines. I wont have to play against some one that is playing hundreds of cards like they do here. I want at least a chance to win. we have played there a coupla times but haven’t won yet. this could be our lucky time to win.

there are also a few casinos clustered together at the state line. maybe I will play some slots too. i haven’t played them in a long time too. that will be my Christmas present to myself. maybe if I am lucky I can win some more traveling money.

while down south I will go eat at this hamburger joint called dixie dog. it is a small drive in at the edge of ponca city. it has some of the best hamburgers. kinda like how bobo’s in topeekie used to be. I dont usually eat hamburgers but these ones are good. I have driven a few miles out of the way to get one of these burgers.

I probably will go to sharps indian store too while I am in the area. i am not really looking for any thing in particular. I look for things on sale. I have bought a few things doing that. i will also look for things i can use in artwork. i still need smalls for my future pow wow stand.

i wouldn’t even bother trying to see if they would buy one of my roaches. i have dealt with indian stores in the past. their rule of business is to double their money. that means they will only pay half of what something is worth. that’s why i dont do business with someone that will resell my roaches. i have turned down a number of people that inquired about marketing my roaches. i say if anyone is to make something off my artwork it will be me.

the temperatures have been warmer this week. i let our wood stove fire go out. i will fire it up again when cold weather comes. it will too. today is the winter solstice, the astronomical first day of winter. we will get more cold days and snow yet this winter.

i will keep sorting porcupine hair. that is a never ending chore. gotta get busy.

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