almost christmas

this is a picture of my son joe’s house. he won the Christmas lights contest last year. he added the deer and other things this year. they haven’t announced who won this years contest yet. I dont have a vote but I say this house wins.

we drove around the rez so the grandsons could see the xmas lights. lotsa indians dont put up lights. I was wondering what the hells the matter with these indians. then I realized I dont put up lights either.

the grandsons are going home tonight. they opened their presents that were under the tree. we also had to give them their xmas stockings. we fill the stockings with stocking stuffers. they were happy with the things we got them. they are at that age where they are pleased with anything. why cant some of our adults be like that?

I can tell its Christmas by the toys laying all over the house. the kids pick them up then get out some more. whenever they get tired of the toys we give them away. or sell them at the per cap flea market then use the money to buy other toys.

I try to impress on the kids that giving should be all year long. not just on one holiday. I think they get that point. I think that people who were poor tend to give their kids what they didn’t have. I know my kids and grand kids have things I never had when I was little. and this aint one of those ‘I was so poor that……’ stories that get people to roll their eyes.

I got bummed out last night by KU losing their basketball game against Arizona state. I felt confident the whole game we would win. we led until the closing minutes. well I knew that we wouldn’t go undefeated this season. now maybe the team will pay attention to their hall of fame coach. they will still be good this year.

tonight I will watch the kc chiefs football game. I hope they dont lose. they better be peaking about this time of year. i will be pulling for them the rest of the season. hope that is a long time.

i got the rusted wheel off my rav4. all it took was one whack from a sledge hammer on the inside of the tire. i had sprayed the wheel with wd40 a few times to help cut the rust. now i have to take the tire to town and get it fixed. i seen a screw was in the tire.

i have one tire that is no good. i need to replace it because it has a break in it. the place i bought it from didn’t replace it but just put a plug and a patch on it. they didn’t even tell me the tire was no good. i wont ever go back to them. i seen an ad on craigslist that listed two tires with 80% of the tread for $50. i may go for that.

i am getting the oil changed on my car too. my son will do that. i used to but got spoiled by the convenience of going to the quick serve places. they are fast but they try to sell you things you really dont need at a large mark up. we have to be honest but businesses dont. no i dont want a $40 cabin filter i can get at o’ reillys for $12.

once my rav4 is ready i will take a fast trip to northern Oklahoma. i want to play bingo. i haven’t gambled in a few months. gotta get my jones on. hope i dont get tennis elbow from using that dauber. (or is it dabber?)

the government shut down. good. they wont be doing our country any more harm. that is until they reopen. the ruling party hasn’t figured out that they controlled congress, the presidency and the court system for the past two years. they just didn’t get it.

will see what this week brings.

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