Aloha neshnabek

I had to add a picture of the whale tour.

the locals might be thinking this indian turning native on us. every where i go i greet people with ‘aloha’. most are friendly back. just a few grumpy tourists arent.

it is hard to believe these past eight days have gone by so quickly. i will be flying home tomorrow. i have a late flight. i leave out of here at 9:30 in the evening. i will be in denver at 7 in the morning. then on to kansas city. then back to the rez.

this afternoon mary and i are going on a whale tour. we get to see the whales up close. we have seen them from the beach by our hotel. we were just walking along the beach a while ago with our feet in the water. there was a sea turtle swimming around. it got the tourists all excited.

yesterday we drove the road to hana. it is called the most beautiful drive in the world. we only covered part of it. it was raining and some drivers were passing on the narrow roads. it is full of curves and one laned bridges. we said hell with it and turned around.

we did stop at the beaches along the way. one place was a breeding ground for the sea turtles. we took pictures of them. there were at least a dozen of them. i thought it was pretty neat. we didnt get to go to jaws. the famous surfing place of maui. it was wet and i woulda needed a 4 wheeler to get back there. that was alright i did get a picture of some surfers though. gotta have a picture of that.

sea turtles on the beach

on the road we stop at a road side store. it had some spam musubi. i had to try one. i have already eaten poi, poke, kalua pork and fresh fruit. i have eaten alot of fresh pineapples. they taste sweeter here. same with the fresh juices i have daily.

every where i go i see someone that reminds me of people around the rez. i guess natives have some resemblences. kinda like the old stereotype that all indians look alike. mary and i would notice someone at the same time.

i have been on the beach a number of times. i am not doing any sun bathing though. dont need to when you already brown like this guy. some people spending lotsa money to come here to tan and be brown like this.

they have a luau here but we passing on it. we have been to two of them. we got front row seats at the performance at polynesian islands. it was a great show. we werent allowed to take pictures for some reason. sacred or something. it made me wonder why we aint got someone doing a sacred fire dance at our performances. eh.

i have seen rainbows a number of times. got a few pictures. i cant wait to see my pictures when i get home. i was a photographer in a past life. i can take good pictures.

i dont like seeing this trip winding down. i really enjoyed being here. it rained a few times but the weather was nice. it beat being on the rez where i heard the temp was 8 below. i was sweating here at that time.

i have to get ready for the whale tour later. maybe i will head back to the beach. i like the feel of the water and sand on my feet.

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