wont get fooled again

spent the day with the grand kids.

i am quoting an old Who song. my bro said he would paint yesterday. i thought yeah i can kick back this time. i got down there in the morning to have it all cut in before he got there. that would make it ready to roll out and be done with it.

mary and i cut both bath rooms in before lunch. we ate then waited. no show. i wondered where the hell is that indian? we went ahead and finished painting the bathrooms. when something gotta be done, ends up you gotta do it yourself. that reminded me of the lyrics ‘dont get fooled again, no no’.

there was a section of sheet rock that looks like it needs replacing. it got wet. the paper and tape came loose and it swelled up. maybe a section that is one foot by a foot and a half. for the sake of getting done i just painted over it for now. i know that will bother me until it it is cut out and replaced then painted over. a job for later. i figure i did my share of work.

when i fed the chickens this morning i noticed the ground is totally saturated again. we had a lot of moisture this winter. the ditch in front of my house has water running in it. it usually dont. i am happy though that my pond is full. now i have to find ways to stock it all over again. i want a good fish pond when i get older.

all that moisture has me anxious to start gardening. i am waiting for our spring dance. once we do that i will have permission to plant my garden. i have a feeling that this may be a good growing season. the past two years we have been in near drought conditions. i will take the gamble and plant two fields worth. that is besides my grow boxes and vines crops in front of my sheds.

i might take advantage of the ground being wet. it will be easy to pull up the old corn stalks. the grand kids were doing that while playing outside. they had no problem pulling the stalks up. i need to do that then burn them off. my garden will be ready to till when ever it dries out some what.

i may have my new (to me) tiller by then. my cuz said he ordered the new carburetor for it. it wont take him long to put it on. he fixed the tires by putting tubes in them. they are holding air. that will work. i hope to get plenty of use out of that tiller.

i noticed two places where i transplanted wild onions previously. they grew in both places. i can see the ditches are full of wild onions. i used to tell people to do that when i worked in the traditional foods program. if they had listened, they would have their own wild onion patch now.

some painting left

we still have to paint the bath rooms at the dance grounds. seen a bro and was telling him that. he volunteered to do that. to be honest i was hoping to hear some one else would volunteer. as i have said, the same ones do most of the work.

i had to go down today and put some topping mud on the sheet rock above the mirrors. i am not a pro at that. hope no real sheet rocker checks out my work. it didnt take much really. it was just the top layer of paper that was ripped off. a thin coat of mud covered that.

i couldn’t find my mud pan. had to use some ‘injun’uity. i guess. sorry to my native friends for the sick pun. i used a flat board to mix the mud on. now the bathrooms should be ready for painting. i will go down tomorrow morning and help cut them in. my brown brotha will finish painting the bath rooms bout noon he said.

i lost a few more pounds. that’s even with out the opportunity to win some free prizes. i have been busy so i haven’t walked. i must be cutting down on my calorie intake. spring time i am the busiest. i usually lose abut 10 pounds every spring.

i cut my tv package down to the lowest priced one since KU basketball season is over. that saved bout $20. the bill was still high. i then cut the service to my bedroom. the convenience of watching the news before going to sleep cost an extra $27. the hook up for the extra tv cost 10 bucks. 10 more for the box connected to it and 7 for wireless signal. those are a monthly add on fee.

i will save $47 a month. there aint nothing really entertaining on any way. i usually watch news or movies. i have Netflix for that. i am looking to hook up an antennae that will get local signals free. i still want to watch news before bed time. dont know if those antennas are just a scam or not. i will find out.

today i got 13 pounds of porcupine hair in the mail. i got them from a place in Nebraska. a couple there see the porcupines laying on the road side and going to waste. they thought it would be better if they were put to use by being made into something beautiful. i liked that. i said i would buy from them every year. i cant do my art with out the hair. i gotta get a check in the mail to them..

i checked on my chicks i bought. they were out of feed and water. i filled them. they are still alive. no surprise there. my sister also got 18 new chicks. she lost one. she keeps hers outside. mine are in the basement. once they get bigger they will be moved to the chicken house. last week end i said ‘my chicks’. Andrew corrected me ‘our chicks’. i had to laugh. i said yeah our chicks.

my hens still aren’t laying good yet. i am getting about two eggs a day. that is enough to keep me in fresh eggs. i go thru the process of raising chickens because i prefer fresh eggs to store bought. some may not notice the difference but i do.

almost spring time

i am not Michelangelo but i did help do some painting. it wasnt the Sistine chapel but our dance hall.

i didnt do much yesterday. i just kicked back after spending a couple of days painting. i am not old but i am definitely getting older. my body has to rest after any prolonged physical activity. standing on concrete for a few days made my arthritis act up. my lower back hurt from that.

I wont use age as an excuse not to work though. reality is nothing around here would get done if it weren’t for the few willing to do the necessary work.

i am game to still try to do any thing. the day will come soon enough when i wont be able to help any more. even then i probably wont give up. i am grateful that i can still get around. i wouldn’t know how to act if i couldn’t garden. or hunt. or pick mushrooms. or walk a few miles.

sunday evening some young people came to my house. a young home boy asked “you want some fresh crappie misho”. i said i dont know how to clean them. he said he would clean them for me. i said sure. i visited with the young folk while he did that.

i told him to leave the heads and guts. i would bury them where i grow my tomatoes. (i did the next day) we talked about gardening some after i told him that. i pointed at my compost pile. it is a big pile that i will add to my grow boxes this growing season. they said they were gonna start one.

before they came we were wondering what we were gonna have for supper. i thanked them for bringing us the fish. mary cooked the fish. they were real good.

i always appreciate it when young people bring me something. this past year i was given deer meat, rabbit and now fish. i was taught to do that in my younger day. my first mushrooms i picked or first rabbit always went to older people. it ages me somewhat that now they bring it to me. i am glad they continue that tradition.

cant beat the taste of fresh fish. i didnt have any in Hawaii because the resorts really marked up the price on fresh caught. a plate of fresh caught fish cost about $60. guess i had to wait til i got back to the rez to have fresh caught.

i have been drinking indian tea lately. i saved a lot of it to drink over the year. i make a gallon and put it in the refrig. i later pour myself a glass full of cold tea with a squeeze of lemon juice in it. that tastes good. i dont drink pop. just once in a great while i will have a can. soon it will be time to pick a supply of indian tea that will last me for the year.

this week i will have to go put some taping mud on the bath rooms at dance grounds. they put duct tape on the wall above the mirrors to cover them when needed. when the tape is pulled off it also pulls off the top layer of paper of the sheet rock. after it is mudded in the bath rooms can be painted. problem is the same thing will happen again.

i have suggested buying some of those old fashioned roller type blinds. they can be pulled down when needed. i found some by googling ‘old fashioned roller type blind’. they cost bout $30 a pop. dont know where the money gonna come from for that. probably from the same ones that donate for everything. i have faith things will work out.

got more chicks

decided to get 8 more chicks

i had to go to topeekie to buy paint for dance grounds. i decided to get some more chicks since i was in town. i have to feed and water them anyway so why not some more. rhode island reds are my favorite chicken so i bought 4 of them. i also like barred rocks. Andrew calls them zebra chickens. i bought 4 of them.

now i have 18 new chicks altogether. they all lay big brown eggs. my favorite. they will be my main layers next year. i will get some eggs out of them in late summer or early fall. some of the old hens i have will still lay next year too. the ones that quit laying will be soup.

we had plenty of help in putting on the first coat of paint in the dance hall and kitchen yesterday. we did the big dance building in 3 and a half hours. had to be at least a dozen people painting. there were no bosses. just workers. that’s why things got done.

today we will put on the second coat. the turquoise blue color it used to be bleeds thru the white. the second coat will cover it and make it brighter. i was proud of how members came together. they donated money to buy paint and supplies then painted.

today is the fund raiser for the dance grounds. we will work around that. dont know how many workers we will have. some wont be able to help but we will get the second coat on. the bathrooms still need to be painted also.

i will get another batch of porcupine hair this coming week. i was contacted about whether or not i want some hair. i said sure. they had 20 porcupines that they got this year. dont know how much hair it will be but i am guessing at least a pound of hair.

got a call about my tiller. it is up and running only with the choke on. it wont stay running with the choke off. it sat so long that it gummed up the carburetor. my cuz asked what i wanted to do. i said put a new carburetor on it. the cost for parts and labor will run about $140. i said i can handle that.

my cuz said what does this model of tiller cost new about $750? i replied yep. that’s why i was willing to buy it for $150. and if it costs $140 to get it running i am still ahead. that tiller should have lotsa life left in it.

i am anxious to get this tiller back. i plan to till a swath around my two garden fields. after i get that done i will burn off the garden plots off. that will make it easier to till. the ground will dry out enough to get that done sooner or later.

i anxiously awaited the KU game that was on last night. they were getting beat. almost embarrassing. didnt look like they had a chance of coming back. i was tired from being on my feet all day. i turned the game off and fell asleep. i found out today they only got beat by 14.

now they are out of the tourney. the good news is we wont lose any more games this year. wait. listen for it. “wait til next year”. right ku fans. rock chalk.

picking up chicks

bought 10 chicks to have egg layers next year

i bought that tiller i posted a picture of. i am lucky i jumped in line. when i picked it up, the guy selling it said he had 8 others wanting to buy it. if i didnt show anyone of them would take it. they all know that it could likely be a good buy.

now to get it running. it hasn’t ran in the last six years. on the upside, i know it hasn’t been over worked. it probably is just breaking in. my cuz has worked on small engines for years. he still does that so i took the tiller to him. he will know how to get the tiller up and running.

one good thing is this tiller fits in the back of my rav4. i wont have to borrow a truck to take it to the shop or pick it up. mary and i picked it up and set it on the ground. my last tiller was too heavy. i had to ask others to help load or unload it.

while i was in town i checked out the tractor supply store because they had a sign that advertised chick days are here. i liked their prices. i bought 10 brown egg layers for $2.99 each. all females. that is cheaper than the hatcheries on line. they wanted 80 cents more per chick for females. then 30 cents each to give them shots. and then 15 bucks for the delivery fee. i would have paid twice as much if i bought on line.

i bought 5 Isa Brown chicks and 5 of maybe golden comet chicks. i forgot the second breed of chicks. both breeds lay big, brown eggs. the lady said she mixed them together. i would have no way of knowing which was which. i said it dont matter as long as i get my brown eggs. i may still buy some more chicks if i find a good deal. my grand sons will like having chicks.

whilst in town i went to the office of the local county rag. it is the only newspaper i read. it is a bi-weekly. once i won a year’s subscription to it in a raffle. i kept renewing it because i got used to reading it. it was due to expire in a couple of weeks. i wanted to continue getting it so i renewed for another year.

we watched K U’s first basket ball game in the ncaa tourney. they won handily. even if some experts were predicting they would be upset. i filled out a bracket for my own amusement. i didnt enter any pools with it. i never win any way. i may have committed sacrilege. for the first time in decades i didnt pick KU all the way. i hope i am wrong.

it was a nice day yesterday. we decided to walk on the road. we walked two miles. temps were in the high 50s. a bit brisk but we kept moving so it didnt bother us. it is the first time we walked on the paved road near our house since last fall. we plan on doing more miles on it. the tread mill aint bad but cant beat fresh air.

we are scheduled to paint the dance ground buildings this Saturday. we gonna get as much done as we can. i think we will get most of it. they are having a fund raiser to help pay dance ground bills on sunday. it will be soup, dessert and a drink for a good will donation. we can work around that or work after it is over. there will be plenty of day light left. what we dont finish can be done on the following week.

gonna score a tiller

gonna go buy this tiller tonite hopefully

i wrote about my old tiller giving out on me. i also said i am looking for another one. i have been going over all the ads in craigslist and Kansas auctions. i seen an old one like the one i had but i couldn’t go to that auction cuz i was doing something that day.

i thought why not expand my search to Kansas City craigslist. that is only an hour drive away. it would be worth it if i find a good buy. it covers many more sellers than topeekies. last night i seen this ad for a troy bilt bronco.

it even had a story to go with it. the guy paid $650 for it 10 years ago. he used it 4 years and it sat in garage for the next 6. he got divorced and got to keep the tiller. now he just wants to get rid of it.

it needs a tune up and a tire. he wants $150 for it. it is a 208cc tiller. that is about 6 horsepower. plenty of power for what i need it for. i am willing to take a chance on it. if the gamble pays off i will have a good tiller. if this same model was new it would cost over $700.

i texted the owner and he said 5 others wanted it but couldn’t picked it up til Thursday thru Saturday. i said i could do it today. he replied the only problem was he wont be home til 8:30. i said that was no problem. so i am scheduled to go pick it up tonight. great. i may really luck out on this. if not, hell i have been ripped off before too. i am hoping karma gonna give me a break.

i am hoping the old program i used to work in tills my garden. i know they still got that tractor i helped get. i need a tiller to till in between the rows of corn to keep the weeds down. i need to do that tilling a few times a growing season. i also have to till the ground in front of my chicken house and tool shed. i grow indian beans and other vine crops like cucumbers on the trellises i have in front of those buildings.

i was in topeekie the other day. i seen a native on the road side with a sign asking for help. he looked like the same guy i seen before. i felt bad i didnt help him last time. this time i rolled the window down and hollered ‘hey brother’. he came over and i gave him a few bucks.

i know some dont believe in helping ‘bums’. yeah some might just use the money for alcohol or drugs. but reality is there are many people in this country that are either homeless or cant make ends meet. for being the richest country in the world we have too much poverty. we blame poor people for being poor without even a clue why they are.

i have been down in my life. i know what its like to go hungry or do with out. i feel like it aint much to help someone that needs it. if the guy dont spend it in the spirit i gave it, that aint my fault. i did my good deed. i even told my kids it was good mojo to give money to street people.

mary and i went to a movie the other day. we dont go see many movies at the theater. we went to see ‘green book’. it won some awards. some whiners complained it was reverse discrimination or something. we can pretend prejudice dont exist but that doesn’t eliminate it.

i kinda felt special. it was like we had a private showing. mary and i were the only ones in the theater. it was on a Monday afternoon. we sat up front in the middle of the row. i enjoyed the movie. it was good.

i am planning on buying chicks this year. Andrew said yeah get some baby chicks. some of my hens probably wont be laying next year. i want to have replacements ready by then. i will shop for the best deal i can get. either craigslist or garage sales. once the feed store sold me the rest of what they had just so they wouldn’t have to feed them any more. they gave me a good deal.

i gotta finish a wood land style roach. i was tying the deer tail trim on it yesterday. i will work on it again today. i also gotta hit the tread mill. busy busy

didnt plant potatoes

grow boxes not quite ready for planting

it was st. patricks day. some say to plant potatoes then. others say to plant them on good Friday. i say i aint irish or catholic. i used to plant in between those times.

my field isn’t dry enough to till yet. my old reliable troy-bilt tiller finally gave out on me. it was almost 40 years old. i am keeping an eye on auctions to find one. the new ones dont work as good or last as long as the older models. dont know how i will get my garden tilled. i probably wont get any potatoes planted this year.

i was at a traditional foods conference a few years ago. the host tribe’s garden program didnt raise potatoes. they said they got in trouble with their diabetic program. diabetics aint suppose to eat potatoes. some thing to do with converting them to sugar or something. i wasnt aware of that. i still eat potatoes but not as much.

i have a couple of my grow boxes that need fixing. couldn’t do that during winter weather. it wont take me long to get that done. people ask me about mine. i tell them i used recycled pallet boards to make mine. that cost about 2 dollars per box. i say if they fall apart after a few years make them over for another 2 bucks.

i will add compost to all of the grow boxes before planting time. the big pile i had composting is usable this year. i wish i had some fill dirt but i know that aint gonna happen. got no truck or no loader.

i am waiting for spring dance to do my planting. one year i had things already planted during dance time. an old man gently told me i was suppose to wait until after we were done. i had to smile at the way he said it. i listened to him. been waiting until we done with spring dance every since then.

our painting of the dance ground buildings is delayed. we will try to get together this Saturday. we haven’t had a lot of offers to help. that is usually the way it goes. the ones willing to do it will get it done. that is usually the way it goes too.

we had a good trip to Oklahoma over the week end. it was only a 4 hour drive each way. we spent the night and drove home next day. i haven’t been on the road in awhile. we won at bingo down there. that made the trip even better. i haven’t played bingo in a few months. i think i deserve some me time now and then.

i stopped at an antique shop. i found a wooden bowl. the lady let me have it for half price. good deal. most wooden bowls are considered antiques so they charge a lot for them. i try to find them on sale. i use them for indian dice. it was too cold over the winter to work on them. when the weather warms up i might get to making a few sets that people asked me to make for them.

i didnt find any thing on sale at the indian shop. that is expected. any place that sells indian arts and supplies will charge a lot for them. that has been happening ever since the old trading post days. they know if indians gotta have something, they can charge them what ever.

gonna finish a wood land roach this week. got the deer tails that i need dyed. always got work to do.

happy per cap to me

what little soldier creek looks when it is full

got my per cap. or it hit the bank anyway. mine is spent. i am paying off the last of what i owe for my Hawaii trip. i was left with about a hundred bucks. i ordered 20 deer tails for my roach making art. that used up the rest of my per cap. it was good while it lasted.

i will need the deer tails in due time. i just finished dyeing the ones i ordered previously. i dyed 10 of them royal blue and 10 of them scarlet red. that is a long process. i wont say i use roots and tree bark for natural dyes. instead i put the tails in a pot on the stove with a simmering rit dye solution. it works.

i have a plastic tub full of dyed deer tails. i now have many different colors of tails ready. i never know what color roach i will make until i start on it. i should have enough deer tails to make at least 15 roaches. maybe more with the new ones i ordered.

i gotta get busy on my roaches again. Andrew asked me when i was gonna work on roaches. thought i was the boss of my business. i told him i was also working on shortening his fancy dance bustles. i also do all the preparatory work.

i have already sorted a lot of porcupine hair. i have spent many hours on that over the fall and winter. that is a never ending job but real necessary. i also have to braid and sew the yarn base for the roaches. all these small details have to be done before i make a roach.

i had my quarterly lab test done. i found out my A1C numbers are a little high. i told doc i just assumed i was alright. he said not quite. he said i have until next quarterly check up to get my numbers back in order. i will definitely work on that that. i will increase my walking and exercise.

today i am gonna cop some road time. i am heading down south where they say y’all when talking to you. i had gone cold turkey on gambling. haven’t gambled in a coupla months. i want to go play high stakes bingo down south. the buy in is less than here and pay outs higher.

i will check out this hamburger place i go to when passing thru. it is an old fashioned drive in. straight out of the 1950s. it has some of the best hamburgers. i dont eat burgers that often but i will go a few miles out of my way to have these ones.

i will also check out this indian store. i aint looking for anything in particular. just gonna see whats on sale. i have found a few things doing that.

this will only be a short trip. i have to be back to help at a ceremony. spring is coming i will be able to take a longer excursion then. i will dvr the KU basket ball game while i am gone. i hope they win. i dont like hearing Jayhawk fans whine after a loss. rock chalk.

plenty of water

my pond finally filled up after all the snow melt and rain

the ground is saturated. that is the result of the snow melt, ground thawing and the rain we had. my rain barrels are full. there is water standing out in the fields. and mud every where. the cricks are or were running. even the little cricks. that is nice to see again. cricks always had water in them. i remember catching crawdads in the crick near mishos house.

we had so much water that our basement had some standing water in it. that is even with the sump pump kicking on. the ground just has so much water in it. this is a government hud house. they didnt put much consideration into drainage. that woulda cut into the profit margin for the contractor with the low bid.

mary mopped up the water in the basement. we been down this road a number of times already. i helped carry out a few buckets of water to dump outside. we have a fire in the wood stove going. that should prevent any mold. good thing we try to keep things off the floor. it is because of the occasional flooding.

i had to drive up the road to check on my pond. it is in our hay field of our family allotment. the pond is on my acreage. i am glad it finally filled up. it hasn’t had much water in it for the past 5 years. we haven’t had enough snow or rain to fill it. now it is. i am glad of that.

that pond was stocked with bass by brother bubs. me and my brother mikey used to put cat fish in it too. we caught them in buckets when we worked on bridges. other people have stocked it as well. some that went hand fishing would put in fish that were carrying eggs.

it took over 30 years to stock the pond. and just a few years of drought to ruin a good fish pond. good fishing ponds dont just appear. a nine pound big mouth bass and a 7 pound yellow catfish were caught in the pond. we gonna have to start restocking the pond all over again. people dont see ponds as a food bank of fresh fish.

i went to the reshowing of the ‘we fought termination’ play. there weren’t too many people there. maybe every one has seen it. or maybe some dont care about their history. or both. i hear too many that have our history all wrong. they quote things that aren’t true for our band. it only takes a life time to learn part of our history.

a home boy apologized for not doing a job he said he would do. the tribal program he works for said they would do it. so he told me he would get on it. but he wasnt allowed to. i told him i understand how it works. some programs have too many chiefs and not enough indians. some fort injuns dont want to do anything for their own people. sad thing is they in charge not the ones willing to do the work. money changed too many of our people.

the fund raiser scheduled at the dance ground this sunday is postponed until the following sunday. that will change our painting date too. no matter we will get it done.

still muddy

buffalo in the sunset

it rained some last night. that will only add to the mud in my yard. at least the ground is getting more moisture. my rain barrels are filling up too. my compost pile is breaking down more too. i will be able to use it this year. i will have to start a new pile for future use.

i noticed that a couple of my grow boxes need fixing. the oak boards i use to anchor the boxes into the ground are rotting out. that surprises me. i thought the oak would last longer. i will remake them and make some more. spring must be close if i am thinking like that.

tonight is the showing of the play ‘we fought termination’. i guess i had something to do with the title. my sister was talking about doing the play. i forgot what she was gonna call it. i said dont call it that. say something like ‘we fought termination’. she listened to me. she mentioned my contribution to the title in the credits.

i will go over to the casino to watch the play tonight. i have seen it a couple of times and i have a copy of it on dvd. attendees are encouraged to wear ‘traditional attire’. we cant get many to do that at ceremonies.

i imagine i will make it out of the place with out doing any gambling. the only gambling i have done in the past few months is buying a couple of bucks worth of lottery tickets. i just quit gambling because i cant afford to gamble. i wasnt planning on it. i just lost interest after losing a few times in a row. i thought i could have used that money for something i really needed.

my quarterly lab and med check is coming up in two days. i expect things will be all right. or i hope they are. i have been trying to get exercise thru walking. i am trying my best to eat right. that is hard to do. if it was easy, we would all be skinny.

the place where i get my glasses sent me a reminder. it is time for me to have an eye exam and/or get new glasses. i am thinking maybe not this time. i haven’t forgotten the threatening letters i got from this place a few months back. they said they were gonna take me to court over a missed $20 payment.

our health center had referred me to an appointment there so i passed the matter on to them. they called our finance department and found the 20 bucks had been paid. and even had a copy of the check. the eye place finally backed off.

i have done a lot of business with this place for years. i spend about $300 of my money every time i get glasses there. that’s even after my insurance pays for the exam and either the frames or lenses. i had to cover no line bifocals, scratch resistance and polarizing lenses. a few times i bought two pair of glasses.

dont know why this place went off on me even though i spent my money there for years. i didnt get no sorry our mistake letter. they made it seem like i was ripping them off. if they dont appreciate my business i will spend my money some where else.

gotta go buy chicken feed again.