some painting left

we still have to paint the bath rooms at the dance grounds. seen a bro and was telling him that. he volunteered to do that. to be honest i was hoping to hear some one else would volunteer. as i have said, the same ones do most of the work.

i had to go down today and put some topping mud on the sheet rock above the mirrors. i am not a pro at that. hope no real sheet rocker checks out my work. it didnt take much really. it was just the top layer of paper that was ripped off. a thin coat of mud covered that.

i couldn’t find my mud pan. had to use some ‘injun’uity. i guess. sorry to my native friends for the sick pun. i used a flat board to mix the mud on. now the bathrooms should be ready for painting. i will go down tomorrow morning and help cut them in. my brown brotha will finish painting the bath rooms bout noon he said.

i lost a few more pounds. that’s even with out the opportunity to win some free prizes. i have been busy so i haven’t walked. i must be cutting down on my calorie intake. spring time i am the busiest. i usually lose abut 10 pounds every spring.

i cut my tv package down to the lowest priced one since KU basketball season is over. that saved bout $20. the bill was still high. i then cut the service to my bedroom. the convenience of watching the news before going to sleep cost an extra $27. the hook up for the extra tv cost 10 bucks. 10 more for the box connected to it and 7 for wireless signal. those are a monthly add on fee.

i will save $47 a month. there aint nothing really entertaining on any way. i usually watch news or movies. i have Netflix for that. i am looking to hook up an antennae that will get local signals free. i still want to watch news before bed time. dont know if those antennas are just a scam or not. i will find out.

today i got 13 pounds of porcupine hair in the mail. i got them from a place in Nebraska. a couple there see the porcupines laying on the road side and going to waste. they thought it would be better if they were put to use by being made into something beautiful. i liked that. i said i would buy from them every year. i cant do my art with out the hair. i gotta get a check in the mail to them..

i checked on my chicks i bought. they were out of feed and water. i filled them. they are still alive. no surprise there. my sister also got 18 new chicks. she lost one. she keeps hers outside. mine are in the basement. once they get bigger they will be moved to the chicken house. last week end i said ‘my chicks’. Andrew corrected me ‘our chicks’. i had to laugh. i said yeah our chicks.

my hens still aren’t laying good yet. i am getting about two eggs a day. that is enough to keep me in fresh eggs. i go thru the process of raising chickens because i prefer fresh eggs to store bought. some may not notice the difference but i do.

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  1. We cut all our cable and kept internet for $30 a month here in Lawrence. Then we got an antennae and we got a tuner that pulls in plenty of channels despite us being down by the river, some news, some music, PBS, a couple of classic tv show channels (60s, 70s, and 80s shows), and local affiliates. Still more channels than I remember as a kid in the 70s, when we had a big metal antennae tower next to our trailer and I used to have to stand by the tv to switch channels or adjust the antennae. Not sure what you’d get up there but the new antennaes definitely work.

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