out yee hawing

seen Dwight Yoakam in topeekie

yesterday mary said my daughter in law asked if we wanted some tickets to go see Dwight Yoakam. i said hell yeah. we copped the tickets and headed to town.

the tickets said he would come on at 7:30. we went to have dinner first. i hadnt eaten migo food in awhile. i ordered my usual. the house special. it is chorizo, shrimp, chicken and steak cooked in onions, green peppers and tomatoes. it comes with a side of rice and beans, guacamole, and sour cream. i couldn’t finish my meal so i saved the rest for today.

after we ate we headed over to the old auditorium in the down town area. they had free parking for the event across the street. we were all over that. we got to our balcony seats about 10 minutes early. so we thought. the usher told us the tickets said 7:30 but there would be an opening act then a half hour intermission.

we sat thru the opening act. they were alright but they weren’t Dwight Yoakam. i noticed that there was a whole section down stairs that was nearly empty. i asked one usher if it would be cool to move there. she said yeah. the lady usher said they sold more balcony seats than floor seats. i thought no doubt. they cost $120 on the floor.

we stood in the lobby waiting for the main act. i asked another usher the same thing. she said to ask another one. mary said if you ask you can get a no. so when the lights went out we just walked down to the main floor and took a seat about 12 rows back.

Dwight didnt come out at 9 like he was suppose to. he came out bout 15 minutes later. it was worth the wait. he put on a good show. i have a few of his songs in my playlists i listen to while working or traveling. he intro’d one song saying ‘if you drive out of topeka head toward dodge city and past you would be where this song is talking about. he went into ‘a thousand miles from nowhere’.

that was great. it is the reason i wanted to go to the concert. i have been a thousand miles from nowhere many times. i scored a t shirt with those words on them. it was at the concert price of $30. normally i wont pay that. but hell it was Dwight yoakams song. this indian will wear that shirt.

i took many pictures but didnt get any good ones. Dwight wrapped up his set and left the stage. the crowd hollered for an encore. after 10 minutes of that he came back out. i eased closer to get a better picture. no one was stopping people so i went up to the stage. i got this picture and a bunch more good shots.

Dwight started a little late but he made up for it by putting on a good show. he played until almost 11 o clock. these old folks got home about midnite. we were out yee hawing around. i had a good time. i seen Dwight Yoakam at our casino. enjoyed both shows.