cleaning chickens

got six roosters in the freezer now

yesterday we had the only open day we will have in the next week. we decide to clean the last six roosters we were given last summer. we already had cleaned 4 of them. we ate them over the winter.

it was a nice day to be working outside. didnt need a jacket at all. i turned on the radio to listen to while we worked. music makes the work pass by faster.

the roosters should be about a year old now. they shouldn’t be tough. they will make good soup. i didnt feel like doing them this past winter while it was cold outside.

i have a long fishing net that i use to catch them with. its better than trying chase them down. i really cant do that anyway. the big aluminum frame of the net drops over them and that’s it. i have them netted.

i watched a couple of videos on youtube to pick up some pointers. one i used was to hang the roosters up then slit their throats. this allows them to bleed out. the old country method of chopping off their heads with an axe didnt appeal to me. the grand kids liked to watch them jump around with their heads cut off.

i made a fire outside to heat the water. after it got hot we dipped the roosters in the pot. that made it easy to pluck the feathers. we did two roosters at a time. we would bleed them out then pluck the feathers. after we plucked all six we butchered them up. we put them into freezer bags. we will have them any time we want chicken soup.

i know that some just skin the chickens. i am use to plucking the feathers. got used to doing it like that. we took the skin off them after we butchered them.

the roosters were getting too big. they would eat a big portion of the chicken feed. i would prefer the hens to have that instead. i am starting to get more eggs per day now. i get about 4 to 6 now. i should be getting that every day now that it is warmer.

the chicks are getting bigger. i will move them to the chicken house soon. they wont lay eggs til late summer. i will have a huge surplus of eggs then. i will sell them to cover my cost of feed. a few people buy from me when i have extra eggs. there are others beside me who like to eat fresh, cage free eggs.

now that the weather has warmed up i will have lotsa chores to do outside. probably the first thing i gotta do is spring cleaning. cant work if i cant find my tools. i have them every where. need to put them in order so when i need them, i have them.

i got my tiller back. it fires up easy. just one pull on the rope and it is running. i like that. i remember having to pull the rope many times for some tillers to fire up. the ground is still wet. cant till mud. i burned off one field. got another to do. too much dead grass clogs up the tiller blades. you have to stop and clean that out. that’s why i burn off my garden first.

got plenty of chores to do. but first our spring dance.