almost time to plant

time is getting closer to start gardening for me. i am anxious to get something in the ground. i am not just a hobby gardener. i put enough away that i can eat something i grew or picked year around. i like the feeling of eating something that was a result of my efforts. but i do also buy things i dont grow from farmers markets.

i am waiting for our spring dance to be over. i will head to the nursery where i buy my plants or seeds. i also have some heirloom seeds i saved from favorite veggies i like. i will put in cool weather plants like onions, leeks, radishes, cabbages, carrots, spinach and lettuce. its way too early for warm weather crops. i will put them in later.

i will plant a lot of onions. i put them in my strawberry beds. i notice that the straw berry plants are greening up. they had runners last fall. i transplanted many of the runners. now i will have more straw berries. or the grand kids will. they were picking any berries as soon as they were ripe. i didnt get many after they got first picks.

i am kinda planning on turning over the ground with my new tiller. gotta put it to the test. my ground has been broken already so it shouldn’t be too much to till it. its new ground that has to be worked.

i have plenty of chores that need to be done. gotta finish pulling up the corn stalks in last years garden. most of them burned off but some remain. i will pile them up and burn them off. after that i have to burn off the other field i plan on growing more corn in.

i have some trash to haul off. it is junk like old golf clubs from garage sales, a few pallets, etc. i have to mow around them. the grass gets tall in those spots. i want the yard to be all tidy. i try to keep it kid safe. nothing that will hurt the kids that play out there.

one of my nephews sent me his new cell telephone number. i thanked him. usually some of the ones in my contact list dont say they changed their number. then if i call or text it goes nowhere. i thanked my nephew. i told him i entered it into my contacts. i dont answer numbers i dont know. i tell people to text me first so i know who it is.

i had to fill up the chicks watering can. it holds a gallon of water. i had to fill up their feeder too. they are going thru both at a fast rate. that’s good. they are getting bigger too. i still have all 18 chicks. my sister said she has lost some of hers.

talking about chicks reminds me of my young days. we had to walk to the neighbors houses to buy eggs. me, gary and larry would walk barefoot there and back. this was before gravel or paved roads. it would be about a two mile walk. we played along the way. other times we got to go along for the ride to other farmers’ that raised chickens for egg production. those days are long ago.