now its spring

my over priced t shirt from Dwight Yoakam concert

our spring dance is over. so now it is officially spring for me. i will soon start planting. i have to go to town today because i have things i need to do. i have been busy the past few days.

i will buy onion plants. they grow bigger bulbs than starting from onion sets. (the little bulb things) i soak the plants a while before planting them. then i cut off the top third of the stems. that encourages good root growth. i will see what kinds of other plants i will buy.

i have the tv receiver box from my cable. they sent me a shipping box to send the box back in. if i dont send it back in 21 days they will charge me three times what it is worth. i better get to town or else. i had service disconnected in my bed room. that will save me $27 a month.

i will watch tv in the living room from now on. that is until i can figure out what the best antenna to buy. i am hoping someone will tell me what they use to get off cable service. if i can get enough channels i will drop cable all together. when i was growing up all we got was three channels. and they were in black and white.

i had to fill up the feed trough for the chicks again. they jumped all over it. must be hungry. i didnt fill it yesterday. i had to leave early. Andrew told me chicks needed feed and water. he always makes sure the animals are fed and watered. he takes good care of the animals.

i need more feed for my laying hens too. i will get some while in topeekie. i will buy some oyster shells too. it is grit so the hens lay better. the egg shells get stronger too. that stuff is pricey but i want good eggs. i am getting more eggs now. especially since we butchered the six white roosters. there is more fed to go around now.

some time this spring i will make the time to go fishing. i won a new fishing pole last year and got a fishing license. didnt use either. Andrew told me he wanted to go fishing too. i have to get out there for sure this year. i never was much on fishing. lets see if i got this. put the worm on the hook, toss it in the water and wait for the fish to bite it then pull it in. hmmm. sounds like some thing i can handle.

i finally posted a picture of my new t shirt. i like the caption ‘thousand miles from nowhere’. i keep saying i have been there. back in my alky and drug daze i was a thousand miles from nowhere. i bummed around all over this country. i had nowhere to go and all day to get there.