some spring chores done

my corn fields are ready to be tilled

yesterday a couple of young indian brothers came to my house. they said they were looking for work to do. i asked how much they were looking to make. they gave me a price for both. i said i couldnt think of anything right off hand. i would text them if i thought of something.

i kicked back and thought what the hell do i need done that a couple of laborers can do to save me work. i came up with a few chores. i text the guys and said i had some work. they said they would come right back.

i have a pile of wood left from this winter. it was piled next to my house. i needed it out of the way so i can mow. i told them that was one chore. they agreed. i had chain link sections of a dog enclosure that needed to be moved. someone gave me that dog pen but it was in the way. they agreed to do that.

i had 4 big, heavy long pieces of treated wood that also needed to be moved. they were laying where my grow boxes will be built. i wont use them for grow boxes cuz they are treated. i said i needed the corn stalks in my field pulled and piled up to be burned. that had to be done before it can be tilled.

i asked if doing those chores were worth the price they asked for. they said yeah. so we had a deal. they used my wagon and wheel barrow to move the wood pile. they had a pick up to move the big treated boards. they were too heavy for me to move by myself.

after they were done with those chores they started pulling the corn stalks. i burned some off when i burned off that garden plot. they finished that and came to the house. i had a couple of dr. peppers that weren’t cold but were wet. i gave the pop to them. i said would throw in another twenty if they would help me burn off my other garden plot. i said that wont take but ten minutes.

they agreed. i would need help if i burned it off earlier to make sure it wouldn’t get away. every thing was dry. now the hayfield has greened up. they asked if i wanted the pile of corn stalks burnt too. i said might as well. now both fields are ready to till up. i paid them and they thanked me and shook my hand. i said thank you guys i needed that stuff done. i appreciate the help.

it would have been hard work for this old guy but i would have done it. those were spring chores on the top of the to do list. now i can mow and build my grow boxes. i dont have to worry bout how am i gonna move this stuff.

i thought these young guys musta wanted something and were willing to work for it. i was more than willing to help them achieve that. they in turn helped me. we all benefited from our deal. i am glad those guys came by.