time to plant

the grand kids will be here today. the girls are coming cuz the day care is closed. the boys are coming this evening for the week end.

i bought onion sets and cabbage plants the other day. i plant the onions next to my strawberry plants. it keeps bugs out of them. i grow cabbages to make the best fresh cole slaw around. what cabbage i have left is diced up and froze for vegetable stew in the winter.

i also bought some seed potatoes. i will plant a row of potatoes this year. i already cut the potatoes up so they heal over. i might have enough for a hundred foot row. maybe more. i usually plant red potatoes. i like their taste.

i am talking bout planting and the temps were in the low 30s last night. they will be the same tonight. i had to get a fire going because the chicks are in the basement. i will move them outside soon. looks like they are getting their pin feathers. the grand kids have to go check them out every time they are here.

my laying hens are producing more eggs now. they musta got over the trauma of me catching the roosters for butchering. they have more feed now. thus more eggs. i finally have an extra dozen eggs. first time since last fall. i texted my sister in law and told her. she and my niece like fresh eggs too.

i stopped by the health center. i had to put my name in for garden tilling. i can wait on my warm weather veggies. the only things i plant in the field gardens are indian corn, squash and indian beans. the rest i plant in grow boxes.

i may still till up one row for my potatoes .i have to see how my tiller works. i will have to till up the ground in front of my tool shed and chicken house. i plant vine crops there on the trellises i made. i may plant cucumbers and indian beans there again.

i kinda hinted that i might apply for the seasonal garden helper. i will pass on that. i am retired and enjoy it. i remember when i worked as gardener sometimes after a long day i wouldn’t feel like doing my own garden.

right now my own garden is the priority. i am not a hobby gardener. i put away a freezer full of food for the whole year. that’s besides what we can and dry. that is more important that a part time job.

i am wondering if my favorite team, the jayhawks will field a team next year. we have one senior, two declared for the nba draft and two transfers so far. two more will make a decision to stay or go. aint worried we are already ranked in top 25 for next year. the worst teams we have can still beat 90% of the teams in the country. we probably will pick up more players before the season starts.

i started sorting porcupine hair again. gotta get busy trying to make some roaches before our pow wow. my sister and i will have a stand. our prize money usually draws some real good dancers and singing groups. i figure if some see my work, they will want one of my roaches sooner or later.

spring is my busiest time of the year. that’s okay. it keeps me going.

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