warming up

spent the week end with the grand kiddies

the grand kids were over a few times this week end. i cherish the time i spend with them. it always makes my day when i can see four of them in one day. thing is i didnt work on any roaches.

i bought a wagon a few years back off craigslist. i didnt pay much for it. new ones cost twice what i paid. i bought it as something i can use around the house and garden to haul things. the grand kids also make me pull them in it.

i aired the tires up when the young guys came over to do chores. they used it to move my wood pile. when i aired it up the inner tube broke thru the wall of the tire. it was so weather worn the rubber was cracked. might have been why i got the wagon cheap.

i decided i would check out tires. i priced them at around $20 each at the cheapest. some cost more. i thought there was no sense in buying 4 new ones. only two needed replacing. i could almost buy a new wagon at the price of what 4 tires cost.

i found some tires and wheels at harbor freight for 12 bucks apiece. i bought two of them. the thing is the wheel didnt fit. i took the new tires off the wheels and put them on the old wheels. problem solved. the grand daughters were watching me work. soon as it was done they jumped into the wagon. i had to take them for a ride.

we dont buy meat from grocery stores that much. we bought a pork bundle from the meat processing place. we do business with the same place every time. we seen plaques on their wall where they won awards for their bacon etc. we like their bacon. it is the best. it goes good with our fresh eggs.

the grandsons wont be coming this next Friday. that means we might ease on down to Oklahoma to play bingo. i have only played bingo once in the past few months. i think they invented bingo to keep old people off the streets. we can play for $800 a game. that will cost $22. not a bad deal. that’s why we drive down there.

now and then people ask me where i am going to on my next trip. i say for now probably state side. recently i seen a big pow wow in North Dakota i wouldn’t mind going to. what caught my attention was the prize money for the singing contest. it totals over $200,000. first place is $50,000. that is sure to draw some of the top singing groups.

i haven’t been to many pow wows lately. i use to drive all over the country to see the big ones. the past few years i have only gone to local ones. i am tentatively planning on going to this one. the stand price is $1000. i probably will pass on that. i am hoping they have camping available. i will pack my tent. will see if this happens.

today i will work outside. maybe put my cabbage plants and onions in. i will also try to till up a row to plant my potatoes in. i want to have potatoes this year. i may also sow some seeds in my grow boxes. kale and carrot. etc it wont grow if you dont plant it.