worked outside

i had to take advantage of a good day yesterday. i wanted to make sure all my toys would start. i am counting on all of my equipment to serve me well this season.

i started with the riding mower. i pushed it out of the tool shed. i drained the old gas. shoulda done that last fall before parking. leaving gas in the machines can gum up the carburetor. then you might new a new carb.

after draining the gas, i added a new fuel filter. it came with a kit i ordered including a spark plug, a new oil filter and air filter. it didnt need the filters yet. i will use the oil filter when it is time to change the oil. i will add the new air filter when it is needed.

i went to nation station to get gas. i gassed up the riding mower and push mower and my tiller. i fired up the riding and push mower. both started easily. i thought since i have the riding mower fired up i might as well mow. so i did. good thing the grand sons were here. i had them pick up things so i wouldn’t have to stop mowing. i finished the yard in about an hour. i have a big yard. i paid my grandsons a few bucks cuz they helped.

i then fired up the tiller. i had to see how it worked. my son’s pickup bout got stuck in the yard when it was muddy. he made it out with 4 wheel drive but left deep ruts. while he was smiling his 4 wheel worked, i was cussing him for tearing up my yard. i ran the tiller thru the places the ruts were. it evened them out. glad that was done before the spring rains. that will level it further.

while i had the tiller running i decided to till up one row for potatoes. after tilling i rowed up the dirt into hills. potatoes grow better in hills. now i have one row ready to plant. i am waiting for the seed potatoes i cut up to heal over. then i just put them into the ground.

while i was mowing a coupla home boys stopped by. they had poles for a fire place. i put in a work order two years ago. didnt get it. this past year one of my home boys was gonna do that for me. but one of the tribal guys got mad. because he was pouting around i didnt get my fire place.

that’s why i asked these other guys to get me one. i take my fireplace serious even if the fort injuns dont. i was happy i got my fire place. i told the guys i appreciated what they did and gave them a few bucks for gas. i dont expect anything done for free. i make it worth while if someone helps me.

today i plan to fix my grow boxes that need it. in the mean while i will plant the cabbage plants and onions. i will put them in the boxes that are still good.