got something in the ground

i have been busy working in the yard. now that it is spring i have to do spring chores. i raked up the bark and wood chips where my wood pile was. i wheeled away two wheel barrows full. i will be able to mow with out hitting anything.

the wheel barrow came in handy. i used it to carry compost to my grow boxes. i added it to the boxes where i planted cabbage plants and onions together. the onions are a companion plant to cabbage. they keep the bugs away. i also added the end of a celery stalk for the same reason. it will grow celery if i have enough time before it gets hot.

i transplanted strawberries too. they were bunched together. they came from runners. i spaced them out evenly and added compost. i added onion to the boxes with the strawberries too. they keep the bugs out. they are companion plants too.

i planted three kinds of onions. red, yellow and white. i bought them as sets. before planting i soak them. then i cut off the top third of the green stalks. this is supposed to encourage root growth.

i also got my potatoes in the ground. i have a 75 foot row of them planted. i planted a red, early maturing potato. nothing tastes like new potatoes. i like the reds fried or boiled. they taste good either way. they are good for roasting too.

i fixed and repaired grow boxes that needed it. i added compost to each one. i planted lettuce and radishes in one box. i planted spinach in another. i planted leeks and carrots to a third box.

counting the strawberries which i transplanted, i have nine things planted in the ground. no maybe, might, gonna stuff. i have them in the ground. i will add more things later. i wanted things planted before the expected rain. one of the local tv channels predicts a 50% chance of rain. i hope we get it.

i was trying to string the new fishing pole i won last year. i was doing that with the intent of going fishing sometime soon. i couldn’t figure out how to do it. some guy came by and said give it here. he strung the line onto the reel. i laughed and told him i cant catch any fish if i cant string the line. i was all happy the pole is ready to go.

i was working outside and i noticed my grand son playing with the newly strung fishing pole. he had a lot of line twisted around the handle. i took it away from him. i may be able to just cut the excess off and i am still good to go. when i turn over the dirt in my grow boxes i seen some big fat worms. my soil is healthy. i thought there’s my bait.

to get in the mood for fishing i went to town for supper last night. i ordered the fried whole catfish. it was good. i think if i dont catch a damn thing i can head there for a fish dinner.

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