planting well underway

my raised beds are showing green. my plants are coming to life. the greens next to the boxes are wild onions.

i added some more plants to what i already had in. i added kale plants to one box. i planted more radishes in the same box. they are companion plants. i added borage to the strawberry beds. it brings out better flavor in the strawberries.

i added two cilantro plants to the box where i planted spinach. i use fresh cilantro in soups we make. i like the taste it adds to the soup. i have one more bunch of onion sets to plant. we go thru lotsa onions. now i have 12 different veggies growing.

all i have left to plant is warm weather crops. indian corn, indian beans, squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, cantaloupe and watermelon. i have plenty of time for them. i will plant heirloom varieties.

i had an encounter with the cable people. i got my bill and it is the exact same price as it was last month. i dropped my package down two levels. that should be a 20 dollar savings. i also dropped the service to my bed room. that should save $27.

i asked the cable guys why i am paying the same for less service. i could have kept my previous package and service for an extra tv for that money. they said there was an increase of $7. i replied that only accounts for a $7 difference.

i ordered an outside tv antenna from on line. it advertised having a 150 mile range. it can be pointed to different directions. that might give me the option of getting Topeka and Kansas City. i get free shipping on it. it should be here any day. i am now committed to dumping cable.

soon as i get my outside antenna i will put it up. i will see how many channels i get. `i only watch news, jeopardy and Colbert on a regular basis. i can watch them on local television. if i want to watch a movie i have Netflix and amazon prime. the grand kids only watch cartoon shows on Netflix.

once the antenna is hooked up i am ready to cut cable. that will save me about a hundred a month. half of that is charges for using their equipment. its not included as part of the service. all the added fees is what makes the bill so high.

i was heading to Oklahoma to play bingo tonight. that plan is put on hold. i will do it another day. sometimes people think because i am retired i have nothing to do. that is far from the truth. i have lotsa things to do. i just dont know when something will come up. i try to be flexible so i can help out when i can.

the general council meeting is tomorrow. i have been toying with the idea of going to it. i haven’t been to one in awhile. sometimes they can prove to be entertaining. the johnny come latelys are all about saving ‘dem indians’.

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