wild onions n tilling garden

picked wild onions and tilled one of my field gardens

i have wild onions growing every where next to my grow boxes and in the yard. i transplanted them from the timber years ago and they took over. i was adding mulch around the boxes to keep the weeds out. i had to pull the wild onions first.

i already had them dug up so mary and i washed the onions and diced them up. that is after cutting off the roots. i filled three quart bags with the diced up onions. i put two of the bags into the freezer for later. i cook turtle with them and use them in soups or stews.

i put one quart bag in the frig so we can have some wild onion gravy. we had it last night and it was good. it reminded me of my mother. she used to like wild onions. she is the one that made me pick them for her. she would make gravy with them. that’s how i developed a taste for them. i still pick them years later.

while out and about on the rez, a few asked me if i had anything planted. i said a few things. some one said the garden positions are still being advertised. they closed at the end of the month. i dont know how long it takes to interview applicants then hire two. i wondered if they will be on the job when it is time to plant indian corn. i planned on them tilling up my garden.

i didnt want to take the chance of not having corn. indian corn means so much to me. it was such a nice day yesterday i decided to fire up the used tiller i bought. it is a 208 cc which is about 5 horse power. i dont think it is built to till as much as i need but it worked. i didnt intend to till the whole field. it is about 8000 square feet. i got on a roll and kept going. now one field is tilled.

i know it will rain maybe a few times before the first week of May. i did turn the ground over though. i probably can till it again when it is time to plant. its best not to over till though. some say no till is better because it dont break up all the living organisms in the soil that are beneficial.

i will be able to plant at least one field with corn, squash and indian beans. i will also make an area for cantaloupes and water melons. i might still till the other field. i dont think it would hurt to have two fields of corn and squash.

when i till i walk on the untilled ground. i dont walk on the tilled part because that packs the ground. that is counter productive to tilling it. after planting it is okay to walk down the aisles. it dont matter if the ground there packs down.

i was pleased with my tiller. i paid $150 for it. it needed work done like putting on a new carburetor. repairs cost me another $216. So i got a 7 hundred dollar tiller for $366. it was only used 4 years. that aint even broke in yet. i will get my moneys worth out of this tiller.

i will move my trellises in front of my tool shed and chicken house. i will add compost to those areas before tilling. i plan to plant indian beans in front of the chicken house. i will plant cucumbers and sun flowers in front of the tool shed.

no doubt spring is a busy time for me.