gonna till again

we haven’t gotten the rain that was predicted. my ground has dried out enough for me to till up my other field. i plan to plant two fields of indian corn this year. i saved enough seed corn for both fields. i will have other things in the fields as well. i want a supply of corn that will last thru any lean years like the past two.

i had an appointment to have my eyes checked. at first i didnt want to because some over zealous clerk threatened to take me to court over a $20 bill that was paid. it was their mistake but i got no i’m sorry it was our mistake. i scheduled an appointment there because they have all my records there.

they dilated my pupils for a test. they do that with all diabetics. i was told that my eyesight has changed a little but my diabetes didnt get any worse. that’s good news. if i had gone to a new place they wouldn’t have any records to compare. that’s why i stayed with the place. the rest of the staff treats me alright. if they didnt i wouldn’t go back.

i ordered a new pair of eye glasses. my old glasses will serve as a back up pair. they had new lenses that are good for people who do a lot of work on computers. i ordered them. i spend time on the computer often. i will get the new glasses in a week to 10 days.

i got the outside antenna i ordered. next i have to put it together then climb on the roof and secure it there. i am anxious to see how it works. if i get any number of channels i will end my cable service. i have a number of chores to do before i get to putting up the antenna.

i moved the chicks to my back screened in porch. they will be there until they get a little bigger. i will move them to the chicken house then. i dont want the hens to be pecking them while they are small. the chicken house is like the tribal structure. it has a pecking order. gotta see where everyone stands in the little coop.

i dug up a few wild strawberry plants. i transplanted them into the beds where my straw berries are. it is suppose to make them sweeter. i haven’t tried that before. i will see if it actually works. i have more plants this year. this is the second year i have them. i should get more berries this year. or the grand kids will.

i plan to go to the farmers market in Kansas City this week end. i will be looking for some heirloom tomato plants, pepper plants and cucumber plants. i will take a chance that we wont have a killing frost. i want to get these plants off to a good start.

i will try to grow tomatoes again this year. it was too hot last year. tomatoes ripen when the temperatures are between 80 and 90. when mine were ready to ripen we had temps in the 100s. i didnt get too many tomatoes but the ones i did get tasted great.