spring chores getting done

my plants are growing

we haven’t had much rain but my plants are looking good. my onions are growing good. so are the cabbages, strawberries, kale, lettuce and radishes. my strawberries have flowers on them. if my plants continue to grow i will be eating some fresh veggies yet.

not every thing is growing though. my spinach hasn’t come up yet. nor have my leeks and carrots. i will continue to water them and see what happens. maybe its too cool for them to germinate. the ground temperature has to be just right.

i have watered my plants with rain water from my rain barrels. i use the outside faucet also. i am gonna try to hook up an irrigation system in my grow beds and use rain water. i have to figure out how i will do that. i have some diagrams that others posted online. i saved them to give me ideas.

i mowed the yard again yesterday. it takes about an hour to do the whole yard. dont know how big my yard is. i am guessing about an acre. when i first moved in here about 34 years ago i used a push mower. my yard wasnt near as big. now that i have a riding mower it is way bigger.

my nieces’ kids came over for a ride. i hooked the wagon up to my riding mower. they were all thrilled about the ride around the yard. i usually take my grand kids for rides with my riding mower. my mower has a 24 horse power motor so it runs kinda fast. dont know if that is too rez or not.

i went to topeekie yesterday. i had to buy a digital converter box. i needed that because the tv in my bedroom is an older model. i figure the converter box is cheaper than a new t.v. the tv has a 50 inch screen. i can see it before i nod off to sleep.

i have the antenna assembled and the converter box ready. now i have to climb on the roof and mount the bracket that holds the antenna. i will soon find out how many channels i will get. i am pretty sure that even if i only got the local channels i will end my cable service. i am kinda sure i will get more than that though.

while in town i bought dog food and chicken feed. i also bought 10 more bags of mulch. i will put it around my grow boxes to keep weeds out. i already have some spread around them. i have a lot of grow boxes. plus i will build some more this spring. i want all three rows of grow boxes to be the same length.

i had plans to head to Kansas City farmers market to buy warm weather plants. that is put on hold for another week. we have a ceremony i am going to. next week end i will get my tomato, pepper and cucumber plants. i will get hot peppers, bell peppers and Anaheim peppers.

i still have to peel the bark off the oak trees for my fire place. i also have spring cleaning to do. there is always work to do.

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