found some mushrooms

pass the ‘shrooms please. this indian gonna have some fried morels for suppa.

i went mushroom hunting yesterday. it was a nice day for a walk. people have been saying they seen a mountain lion in my neighborhood. i strapped on my pistola just in case. i scared up a bob cat once. i back tracked and seen it had followed me awhile.

i walked for 2 and a 1/2 hours. it is good exercise and i was rewarded with these fine morel mushrooms. these are greys and yellows. i found almost 2 pounds. i wouldn’t never sell them but at todays prices i found bout 60 bucks worth. i cant afford to buy them but it dont cost a dime to go look for them.

i was talking to others that went mushroom hunting. they said they didnt find very many and some were small. i am lucky i found what i did i guess. i will have some for supper tonight.

after the next rain i will be out again to look for them. i thought it was too dry to find them but i did find some. some people say they will come up when they come up. no doubt. i bet they will after the next rain though.

i am glad konugish stayed with me the whole time. he is getting old. he has been with me at least 11 years, maybe more. he cant walk as much as he used to. he is faithful to me. that’s why he follows me. he is looking after this old indian. he is a real good dog. i treat him good.

i was talking to a couple people about mushroom hunting. they said the reason they dont go is ticks. i only found one. it was on my phone. a phone while hunting mushrooms? yeah i know. i use it to take pictures. i even sent some to family members to show what i found.

i usually dont have a problem with ticks. i spray Off on my shoes, socks and pant legs. dont know if that stops them or not. i have found a few on me occasionally but not like what others say. i also carry my turtle bone so i dont worry bout snakes.

speaking of ticks. back in my roaming round the country days, i was hitch hiking thru this one town. a guy started hollering ‘tick, tick’. i wondered wtf is this guy talking about. then i realized he meant cuz i had a full back pack on and you could see my arms and legs coming out of it. i thought give the hell away from me. that aint even funny.

haven’t seen any humming birds around my house. wonder if not filling up their feeder has anything to do with that? i finally filled up both of my feeders yesterday. i usually have between 3 and 5 humming birds that show up every year. i will be on the look out for them to show up now.

when i went to visit my other mother in Oklahoma i seen dozens of humming birds at her house. i never seen so many in one place before. she had a lot of feeders out. i wont be able to draw that many with the two feeders i have. maybe next time i see them on sale i will buy more. i like watching them fly.

cant wait for supper.