almost may

took the grand sons to a lake

it is almost the month of may. when you get older the months blend into one another. what makes may different for me is that its my birth month. it will be my birthday in less than two weeks. maybe i will go to a steak house for that.

i usually plant indian corn close to my birthday. that is next week. my field gardens are both tilled up. the rain we got last night may settle it some but that dont matter. the ground has been churned up by tilling. it is ready for planting. i will have two corn fields this year.

i will go mushroom hunting again because of the rain. they should pop up. i imagine people will be out now. i am lucky i already had some. we had some fried. i also had some sautéed in butter and had them cooked in scrambled eggs. i like them that way. both ways taste good.

i usually get my fill of mushrooms every year. it is enough to last me until the next year since i can only pick them in the spring. right now the weeds aren’t too tall. i will go looking for them a few more times and that will be good.

tonight we are going to a birthday party for my grand daughter. it will be at a place that is full of toys and games for the kiddies. we just sit there and watch the kids have fun. now and then they run up and ask if we see them.

i still haven’t climbed on the roof to connect my outside antenna. i have been busy. i will do that sometime this week. i have chores lined up. spring cleaning on my work benches is at the top. cant find tools when i need them.

i did start fixing my grow boxes. i fixed 4 of them. they already had something planted in them. i have 3 more boxes to fix up. they need new boards. when i am done with that i have to build more boxes to make the 3 rows of them even. that should be enough for my box garden.

i used some boards from used pallets to fix the grow boxes. i also used some of the oak flooring boards i bought at a garage sale. some lady sold me a pile of them cheap. they interlock. i drill a hole into them to start the wood screws in. l like building things.

we took the grand sons back to their mother yesterday. on the way we stopped at a lake. they had fun throwing rocks into the water. they want to go back to the lake to go fishing. we said sure we will do that.

the grand sons are going to visit their relatives in the south west this coming weekend. we only plan week end trips when they aren’t coming for a visit. i dont know if i want to go any where this week end. i need to go to the farmers market to buy heirloom tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumber plants and melon plants. that probably will take precedence over a gambling junket.

maybe i will go play bingo another time. this week is the sparks flea market. i usually go to that one. it takes me a couple hours of walking to get thru every stand. i never know what i am looking for until i see it.