some spring chores done

my corn fields are ready to be tilled

yesterday a couple of young indian brothers came to my house. they said they were looking for work to do. i asked how much they were looking to make. they gave me a price for both. i said i couldnt think of anything right off hand. i would text them if i thought of something.

i kicked back and thought what the hell do i need done that a couple of laborers can do to save me work. i came up with a few chores. i text the guys and said i had some work. they said they would come right back.

i have a pile of wood left from this winter. it was piled next to my house. i needed it out of the way so i can mow. i told them that was one chore. they agreed. i had chain link sections of a dog enclosure that needed to be moved. someone gave me that dog pen but it was in the way. they agreed to do that.

i had 4 big, heavy long pieces of treated wood that also needed to be moved. they were laying where my grow boxes will be built. i wont use them for grow boxes cuz they are treated. i said i needed the corn stalks in my field pulled and piled up to be burned. that had to be done before it can be tilled.

i asked if doing those chores were worth the price they asked for. they said yeah. so we had a deal. they used my wagon and wheel barrow to move the wood pile. they had a pick up to move the big treated boards. they were too heavy for me to move by myself.

after they were done with those chores they started pulling the corn stalks. i burned some off when i burned off that garden plot. they finished that and came to the house. i had a couple of dr. peppers that weren’t cold but were wet. i gave the pop to them. i said would throw in another twenty if they would help me burn off my other garden plot. i said that wont take but ten minutes.

they agreed. i would need help if i burned it off earlier to make sure it wouldn’t get away. every thing was dry. now the hayfield has greened up. they asked if i wanted the pile of corn stalks burnt too. i said might as well. now both fields are ready to till up. i paid them and they thanked me and shook my hand. i said thank you guys i needed that stuff done. i appreciate the help.

it would have been hard work for this old guy but i would have done it. those were spring chores on the top of the to do list. now i can mow and build my grow boxes. i dont have to worry bout how am i gonna move this stuff.

i thought these young guys musta wanted something and were willing to work for it. i was more than willing to help them achieve that. they in turn helped me. we all benefited from our deal. i am glad those guys came by.

now its spring

my over priced t shirt from Dwight Yoakam concert

our spring dance is over. so now it is officially spring for me. i will soon start planting. i have to go to town today because i have things i need to do. i have been busy the past few days.

i will buy onion plants. they grow bigger bulbs than starting from onion sets. (the little bulb things) i soak the plants a while before planting them. then i cut off the top third of the stems. that encourages good root growth. i will see what kinds of other plants i will buy.

i have the tv receiver box from my cable. they sent me a shipping box to send the box back in. if i dont send it back in 21 days they will charge me three times what it is worth. i better get to town or else. i had service disconnected in my bed room. that will save me $27 a month.

i will watch tv in the living room from now on. that is until i can figure out what the best antenna to buy. i am hoping someone will tell me what they use to get off cable service. if i can get enough channels i will drop cable all together. when i was growing up all we got was three channels. and they were in black and white.

i had to fill up the feed trough for the chicks again. they jumped all over it. must be hungry. i didnt fill it yesterday. i had to leave early. Andrew told me chicks needed feed and water. he always makes sure the animals are fed and watered. he takes good care of the animals.

i need more feed for my laying hens too. i will get some while in topeekie. i will buy some oyster shells too. it is grit so the hens lay better. the egg shells get stronger too. that stuff is pricey but i want good eggs. i am getting more eggs now. especially since we butchered the six white roosters. there is more fed to go around now.

some time this spring i will make the time to go fishing. i won a new fishing pole last year and got a fishing license. didnt use either. Andrew told me he wanted to go fishing too. i have to get out there for sure this year. i never was much on fishing. lets see if i got this. put the worm on the hook, toss it in the water and wait for the fish to bite it then pull it in. hmmm. sounds like some thing i can handle.

i finally posted a picture of my new t shirt. i like the caption ‘thousand miles from nowhere’. i keep saying i have been there. back in my alky and drug daze i was a thousand miles from nowhere. i bummed around all over this country. i had nowhere to go and all day to get there.

almost time to plant

time is getting closer to start gardening for me. i am anxious to get something in the ground. i am not just a hobby gardener. i put enough away that i can eat something i grew or picked year around. i like the feeling of eating something that was a result of my efforts. but i do also buy things i dont grow from farmers markets.

i am waiting for our spring dance to be over. i will head to the nursery where i buy my plants or seeds. i also have some heirloom seeds i saved from favorite veggies i like. i will put in cool weather plants like onions, leeks, radishes, cabbages, carrots, spinach and lettuce. its way too early for warm weather crops. i will put them in later.

i will plant a lot of onions. i put them in my strawberry beds. i notice that the straw berry plants are greening up. they had runners last fall. i transplanted many of the runners. now i will have more straw berries. or the grand kids will. they were picking any berries as soon as they were ripe. i didnt get many after they got first picks.

i am kinda planning on turning over the ground with my new tiller. gotta put it to the test. my ground has been broken already so it shouldn’t be too much to till it. its new ground that has to be worked.

i have plenty of chores that need to be done. gotta finish pulling up the corn stalks in last years garden. most of them burned off but some remain. i will pile them up and burn them off. after that i have to burn off the other field i plan on growing more corn in.

i have some trash to haul off. it is junk like old golf clubs from garage sales, a few pallets, etc. i have to mow around them. the grass gets tall in those spots. i want the yard to be all tidy. i try to keep it kid safe. nothing that will hurt the kids that play out there.

one of my nephews sent me his new cell telephone number. i thanked him. usually some of the ones in my contact list dont say they changed their number. then if i call or text it goes nowhere. i thanked my nephew. i told him i entered it into my contacts. i dont answer numbers i dont know. i tell people to text me first so i know who it is.

i had to fill up the chicks watering can. it holds a gallon of water. i had to fill up their feeder too. they are going thru both at a fast rate. that’s good. they are getting bigger too. i still have all 18 chicks. my sister said she has lost some of hers.

talking about chicks reminds me of my young days. we had to walk to the neighbors houses to buy eggs. me, gary and larry would walk barefoot there and back. this was before gravel or paved roads. it would be about a two mile walk. we played along the way. other times we got to go along for the ride to other farmers’ that raised chickens for egg production. those days are long ago.

cleaning chickens

got six roosters in the freezer now

yesterday we had the only open day we will have in the next week. we decide to clean the last six roosters we were given last summer. we already had cleaned 4 of them. we ate them over the winter.

it was a nice day to be working outside. didnt need a jacket at all. i turned on the radio to listen to while we worked. music makes the work pass by faster.

the roosters should be about a year old now. they shouldn’t be tough. they will make good soup. i didnt feel like doing them this past winter while it was cold outside.

i have a long fishing net that i use to catch them with. its better than trying chase them down. i really cant do that anyway. the big aluminum frame of the net drops over them and that’s it. i have them netted.

i watched a couple of videos on youtube to pick up some pointers. one i used was to hang the roosters up then slit their throats. this allows them to bleed out. the old country method of chopping off their heads with an axe didnt appeal to me. the grand kids liked to watch them jump around with their heads cut off.

i made a fire outside to heat the water. after it got hot we dipped the roosters in the pot. that made it easy to pluck the feathers. we did two roosters at a time. we would bleed them out then pluck the feathers. after we plucked all six we butchered them up. we put them into freezer bags. we will have them any time we want chicken soup.

i know that some just skin the chickens. i am use to plucking the feathers. got used to doing it like that. we took the skin off them after we butchered them.

the roosters were getting too big. they would eat a big portion of the chicken feed. i would prefer the hens to have that instead. i am starting to get more eggs per day now. i get about 4 to 6 now. i should be getting that every day now that it is warmer.

the chicks are getting bigger. i will move them to the chicken house soon. they wont lay eggs til late summer. i will have a huge surplus of eggs then. i will sell them to cover my cost of feed. a few people buy from me when i have extra eggs. there are others beside me who like to eat fresh, cage free eggs.

now that the weather has warmed up i will have lotsa chores to do outside. probably the first thing i gotta do is spring cleaning. cant work if i cant find my tools. i have them every where. need to put them in order so when i need them, i have them.

i got my tiller back. it fires up easy. just one pull on the rope and it is running. i like that. i remember having to pull the rope many times for some tillers to fire up. the ground is still wet. cant till mud. i burned off one field. got another to do. too much dead grass clogs up the tiller blades. you have to stop and clean that out. that’s why i burn off my garden first.

got plenty of chores to do. but first our spring dance.

out yee hawing

seen Dwight Yoakam in topeekie

yesterday mary said my daughter in law asked if we wanted some tickets to go see Dwight Yoakam. i said hell yeah. we copped the tickets and headed to town.

the tickets said he would come on at 7:30. we went to have dinner first. i hadnt eaten migo food in awhile. i ordered my usual. the house special. it is chorizo, shrimp, chicken and steak cooked in onions, green peppers and tomatoes. it comes with a side of rice and beans, guacamole, and sour cream. i couldn’t finish my meal so i saved the rest for today.

after we ate we headed over to the old auditorium in the down town area. they had free parking for the event across the street. we were all over that. we got to our balcony seats about 10 minutes early. so we thought. the usher told us the tickets said 7:30 but there would be an opening act then a half hour intermission.

we sat thru the opening act. they were alright but they weren’t Dwight Yoakam. i noticed that there was a whole section down stairs that was nearly empty. i asked one usher if it would be cool to move there. she said yeah. the lady usher said they sold more balcony seats than floor seats. i thought no doubt. they cost $120 on the floor.

we stood in the lobby waiting for the main act. i asked another usher the same thing. she said to ask another one. mary said if you ask you can get a no. so when the lights went out we just walked down to the main floor and took a seat about 12 rows back.

Dwight didnt come out at 9 like he was suppose to. he came out bout 15 minutes later. it was worth the wait. he put on a good show. i have a few of his songs in my playlists i listen to while working or traveling. he intro’d one song saying ‘if you drive out of topeka head toward dodge city and past you would be where this song is talking about. he went into ‘a thousand miles from nowhere’.

that was great. it is the reason i wanted to go to the concert. i have been a thousand miles from nowhere many times. i scored a t shirt with those words on them. it was at the concert price of $30. normally i wont pay that. but hell it was Dwight yoakams song. this indian will wear that shirt.

i took many pictures but didnt get any good ones. Dwight wrapped up his set and left the stage. the crowd hollered for an encore. after 10 minutes of that he came back out. i eased closer to get a better picture. no one was stopping people so i went up to the stage. i got this picture and a bunch more good shots.

Dwight started a little late but he made up for it by putting on a good show. he played until almost 11 o clock. these old folks got home about midnite. we were out yee hawing around. i had a good time. i seen Dwight Yoakam at our casino. enjoyed both shows.