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kinikwe had a birthday. Samuel graduated

last couple of days got me off the rez. i didnt get to some chores i need to do. i went to kinikwe’s birthday party in topeekie Monday evening. last night i went to samuels graduation in Lawrence.

kinikwe’s party was at a place called bonkers. maybe because the kids go bonkers. they get to climb thru floor to ceiling mazes. they had safety nets so the kids cant fall. my grand daughter miamikwe keeps climbing the entire time we are there.

they also had arcade games. we had to keep filling Andrews card that was used as payment for the games. he ended up with a lot of tickets. he traded them in for a cheap gift compared to what we spent. Samuel didnt bug us as much as his brother.

we had a private room for Kinikwe’s party. we sang happy birthday to her and had ice cream and cake. we also had pizza and pop. there were a lot of kids that showed up to help her celebrate her birthday. the adults had to follow the kids around. i was glad to see 4 of my grand kids smiling and laughing.

we had to drive thru the rain to Lawrence for Samuel’s graduation. he goes to hilltop pre-school on the KU campus. Samuel will go to kindergarten next school year. that’s why he had a graduation ceremony. we were there a few years back for Andrews graduation. they both went to hilltop. i think it is a very good school. they really teach the kids.

before we went to Samuel’s graduation we went to eat. i had to have a filet mignon at the texas round house. we have been eating there before KU basketball games. i like their food.

i will go mushroom hunting again today. i think after the rain we had they should pop up today. i have found them twice. i had them in scrambled eggs three times for breakfast. we fried them once. i probably will start giving them away. i had my fill til next year.

tomorrow i will drive to the sparks flea market. i go every year. it has about 200 stands. it takes me about 3 hours or so to walk thru every stand. i will have to take a pain pill because that much walking will make my back hurt. it is worth it though. i need the exercise and i like looking for treasures.

i never know what i will buy. i probably have too much junk the way it is. on the other hand i have plenty of tools when i need them. i dont know how many jobs i couldn’t have done if i didnt have the right tool for it. i may look for some garden plants at this flea market. someone usually has some.

if i am lucky one of the bbq stands will have a smoked turkey leg for lunch. that gives me a chance to sit down and watch the people go by.

i told mary we will take our fishing poles along. there are places going toward white cloud we can stop at. the road side is next to the Missouri river. i haven’t fished there before. i want to get some fishing in. all work and no play makes this indian a dull boy.