count down to my birthday

caught my first turtle of the year

we went to the sparks flea market yesterday. one stand owner asked “drove all the way up from Mayetta huh?” i said yeah, i do every year. must if they recognize me.

it took me three hours to walk the whole place. i checked out most stands. i pass on a few. i didnt buy much. nothing really caught my attention. i found a coupla of old wooden bats for a buck each. one was marked 1.99 but i asked the guy if he would take a buck. he said yeah. i use the bats to wrap roaches on. i cut them down to size first.

i found a button that said ‘i did time in Leavenworth, Kansas.’ i guess it was a play on the fact that prison is the main industry there. i worked there for 5 years. i had to buy the button. i added it to my collection. i have over a thousand buttons. i have political, sport, hippie, pow wow and advertising buttons.

i bought two reels for a buck each. the guy said he bought out the whole supply of them a few years ago. now he just wanted to get rid of them. said they might need oiling or other work. the two i picked both worked. we have rods that need reels. gotta have enough rod and reels when we take the grandsons fishing.

mary bought a couple of trikes for the grand kids. we dont have enough when the grand daughters and grandsons are all here. now they can each ride something. Andrew has a bike he rides. Samuel has a tractor.

i got hungry around noon. i ordered a rice bowl something or other from one stand. it was alright but not what i wanted. i had my heart set on a smoked turkey leg. they wont have them until today. i couldn’t wait that long.

some lady asked me if i found mushrooms. i said yeah three times now. she asked ‘i bet you dont sell them tho.’ i said no but they do on craigslist for 30 bucks a pound. she said they charge 80 in Kansas City. i just shook my head. damn.

i had mushrooms and scrambled eggs again today. it was the fifth time i had them for breakfast. i had them fried twice. we have maybe enough for one more supper. i gave some away. the prime picking is yet to come but i may be done with it. got my fill.

on the way back from the flea market we took a different route. i like to travel every road we see. that is so we dont have to go the same way every time. i started yawning because i was tired. i got up early so we could make the almost two hour drive. mary said she would drive.

i was just about to nod off when she said ‘theres a turtle’. i became alert right away and said pull over. i jumped out to pick it up. it snapped at me a couple of times. that usually dont happen. maybe them turtles know about me. i used one of the wood bats to pin the turtle down so i could grab it by the tail. i loaded it into the car.

i put it in a barrel of water. it is just the right size. they are tender at that size. the bigger ones have to be cooked longer. my first turtle of the year. i will clean it later.