went to the big city

bought some plants to fill out my garden

got off the rez to buy plants for my garden. i was up at 7 and headed out early. we stopped in topeekie first. i checked out plants they had at the farmers market.

i found 3 of my favorite tomato plants–Abe Lincolns. these cost me $15 for four plants. they only had 3 Abes, so i asked what another good one was. the lady pointed one out and said that one. so i added it.

i know that is pricey but this are nice tall, healthy plants. they will produce earlier than the smaller ones i seen. Abe Lincoln said you get what you pay for. maybe it wasnt abe.

i also found cucumber and Anaheim pepper plants. i bought them too. i added some marigold plants too. these flowers are good for keeping harmful bugs out.

then i headed out to the Kansas City farmers market. i bought habanero, jalapeno pepper plants, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, bell peppers and four more tomato plants. two were roma tomatoes and two were cherry tomatoes. i like to sun dry cherry tomatoes for soups etc. we can romas.

we also bought a spring mix of lettuce, green onions, asparagus, bell peppers, spinach, melons and fresh tomatoes. gotta have fresh veggies for salad. i bought a sour dough loaf of bread and zucchini bread from an amish stand.

i only had a breakfast burrito at the topeekie farmers market. it was close to lunch. i told mary we oughta head to gates bbq. when in k.c. you gotta have bbq. i was up for a slab of ribs. we ate them when we got home. i could picture that knight in indiana jones saying ‘you have chosen wisely’. we damn sure did.

after eating i transplanted the habanero and jalapeno peppers. i added a okra plant to the same grow box. they are companion plants. i put Epson salt in with the pepper plants. i also add azomite, a natural fertilizer that has over 60 trace minerals in it. i added compost to every grow box.

i planted the Anaheim peppers in another box. i like to have smoked green chiles to add to cooking. i added the marigold flowers to my strawberry beds. they can be planted anywhere in the garden.

while working i heard a buzzing, fluttering sound. i know what it was right away. i looked up to see the first humming bird this year. i liked that. as i worked i noticed another one. they would fight over the nectar. kinda like fort injuns. plenty enough to go around but they gotta fight over who gets it.

i started to fix another grow box. some i have had for bout 5 years i think. i figure even if they fall apart i can fix them. they are cheap to make. i used recycled pallets boards, old lumber and some oak flooring boards i scored at a garage sale cheap.

i fired up my tiller. i needed to create a place for drainage at the end of my grow box row. i dragged the excess dirt to where my new boxes will sit. there is a low spot at the end of the row.

next i gotta till up in front of my tool shed and chicken house. i have trellises reaching up to the roofs. i plant climbing plants like cucumbers and indian beans there. i will add compost to it when i till. i used half of my compost pile so far this year.

today i go to my grand daughters cook out. i need a day off.