spring chores

my grow boxes are looking good. so is my yard i just mowed.

i did some spring cleaning yesterday. i have so many chores to do i didnt know where to start. i figure the car port was a good place. most rez njuns use the garage as a work shop instead of parking the car in there. i spent most of the morning cleaning it out. i have more to do.

i was waiting for the lawn to dry out from the rain we had the night before. it is growing too fast. i wanted to mow it before the coming rains. i didnt want it to get too high. i got thru mowing before it started to sprinkle.

i was wearing my new head phones i ordered off the internet. i have to have my music playing. i would rather hear it instead of the mower running. the new head phones sounded good.

i am glad i got them. maybe i do too much reading. i read that the smell of fresh cut grass is the smell of distress. the grass has the same smell when bugs are eating it. i had my head phones on while mowing so i wouldn’t have to hear the grass screaming eh.

i got my first picking from my garden. mary picked some kale. she made kale chips with it. she drizzled it with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt on it. then baked it in the oven. the kale chips tasted good. i never had them before. i usually use kale in juicing.

my potatoes broke ground. i can see the tops of them just appearing now. i am glad them are coming up. i will have new potatoes sometime.

i am kinda concerned about the predicted rain. it is suppose to rain the next three days. i have to get my indian corn in this week. it aint suppose to rain on Thursday. i am hoping i can plant then. the ground has been tilled. all i would have to do is drag a pointed hoe down the row and drop the seed in. then cover it. i hope i can get it done. my son is coming over to help.

i thought i was done with mushroom hunting. maybe i will go out one more time. we ran out of the ones i picked. i had them in scrambled eggs many times. i wouldn’t mind some more. besides i like the walk in the woods. i like the musky smell of fresh mushrooms. i used to be able to smell them before i seen them. same with wild onions.

some little critter chewed up some of my plants i bought. it better hope i dont get ahold of it. i lost two of my abe Lincoln tomato plants, my Anaheim peppers, my cucumber plants and my roma tomato plants. i have to go buy some more i guess. i want plants instead of starting them from seed.

my new glasses are ready to be picked up. i will head to town to pick them up. they look a little different from my current pair. i ordered them because my eye sight changed a little. at least my eyesight isn’t getting worse from diabetes. that is good news.

sunday was my grand daughters birthday. yesterday was my daughters. this Friday is mine.

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