another day older

been feeding my humming birds. i thought why not try to get a picture of one with my Nikon. i couldn’t get close enough with my cell phone.

we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant for my birthday last night. when given a choice of where to eat i chose it because i haven’t been there in awhile. the chef cooked in front of us and put on a show. I’ve seen it enough times that i had my stoic indian face on. my grand kids enjoyed it especially when the flames shot high into the air.

we started with miso soup and a salad with ginger dressing. i had the filet mignon and shrimp. the chef even piled on some chicken which i didnt order. it was good with the rice and veggies.

my plate was piled so high i couldn’t finish it. i filled a to go box. it wasnt the first time off the rez for this indian but i sure enjoyed the food. it was a good birthday with my wife and some of my kids n grand kids.

i was glad we went to dinner. i had a busy day. it started with me going to the blood drive at the health center. i donated my red blood cells. they had a computer glitch so we had to wait an hour before we even started. once i was hooked up to the machine it didnt take long.

i used to work at the health center for bout 5 years. some of the staff grilled for those that donated blood. i ate a couple of hot dogs. i got a few birthday wishes from some of the staff i worked with. i also got a few text messages from family wishing me a happy birthday. i am too old for cake, ice cream and the singing.

after i left the clinic i worked most of the day doing more spring cleaning. i cleaned more of the car port and part of my tool shed. i can find my tools now and i have a clean work bench. i also weeded my sema patch. it was getting over grown because of all the rain we had. i stripped some of the bark off my fireplace poles.

i have an old boom box that blares out the sound when i work. radio stations dont always play music i like. i remembered i had one of those old bose radio/cd players. i hooked my cell phone up to it so i could listen to one of my play lists. my play lists contain only music i like. they have hundreds of my favorite songs. i work better with my kind of music.

my plans to plant my corn yesterday got cancelled. the field was too muddy. i seen some deer tracks in my garden. they were in a half circle. the deer walked halfway into the garden then turn around. it must have been too muddy even for that deer.

it rained a little last night. i am hoping my ground dries out. it will sooner or later. i will still plant my indian corn when it does. i gotta have my corn. i know the ground has moisture deep down. after this rain the water just ran off. the ground was so saturated. i will definitely plant two fields of corn this year.

today i will go watch Andrews soccer game in lawrence. it is his last soccer game this year. i haven’t been to one yet. i better go to support my grandson. he always looks for us when ever we are at any of his games. he wants to know if we see him.

on the way down there i will stop at the farmers market in topeekie to replace the plants i lost. it is the only place i can find Abe Lincoln tomato plants. on the way back i will get some gold fish at a bait shop. i will put them in my rain barrels. another busy day.

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  1. Getting caught up on blogs, so just saw this. Happy birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one.

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