more planting?

i stop to look at our buffalo on the way to nation station sometimes.

i fixed three more grow boxes yesterday. the boards warped and the wood screws broke. or the corner posts rot out and the screws come loose. i have to take the whole thing apart and replace the boards. i replace them with the oak flooring boards i bought at a garage sale.

the cost of building my grow boxes aint very much. the ones i fixed over have lasted several years. i said as cheap as it costs i dont mind if i have to make the grow boxes over every few years. its nothing compared to the fresh veggies, berries and herbs i get. i aint certified as organic but i know there are no chemicals in food i raise. and it tastes better than what the grocery stores sell.

i bought plants at the Lawrence farmers market. i stopped there after Andrews soccer game. i didnt find any Abe Lincoln tomato plants at the topeekie farmers market. the lady that i bought my others from said she had two more plants at home. she will bring them for me next Saturday.

i bought some more roma tomato plants at Lawrence. i bought two other tomato plants from some dude who said they were real good plants. he said he grows them on his farm. he takes them to farmers markets. i listen to any growers for tips.

i already have 11 grow boxes with plants in them. i will transplant what i got from the Lawrence farmers market into the 3 grow boxes i just repaired. i will add compost to each box. i will fill one box with cucumbers. one with bell peppers. i have a sweet potato in water to get some slips from it. i will plant sweet potatoes in the other box.

my grand sons were helping me. we added straw to most of the grow boxes as mulch especially the strawberries. we dont want the berries to lay on the ground. the boys seen the strawberry plants already have berries forming on them. we also added mulch all around each grow box. i dont want any weeds in the boxes or on the side.

i told the boys i didnt have any cash on me. i will pay them next week end for helping me. Andrew said ‘i will remind you’. i know that he will to. i dont mind paying them for working. it teaches them you work, you get paid.

with all the rain we had, it looks like i will have to mow the yard again. i have already several times. the grass is getting taller with the rain we had. i dont mind mowing. it only takes bout an hour. i can listen to music while mowing.

yesterday was mothers day. we ate at a Chinese restaurant. i paid for marys dinner. i thought of my mother. she taught me so much in my life time. she was a good teacher. i will teach my kids and grand kids her teachings and other things i learned.

i had two fields tilled up before the rains came. i want to plant indian corn in them when ever the fields dry out. as soon as i can work the field i will plant my corn. all the rain we got only makes me more determined to get the corn in. last night i seen the moon and stars out for the first time in a few days. it has been cloudy or rainy a lot lately.

i haven’t had a chance to climb on the roof to put up my outdoor antenna yet. i made getting my garden in and spring cleaning a priority. i wont mind another month of cable before i cut it loose. i have to move the chicks off the back porch into the chicken house too. i stay busy. i relish my days off when i get them.

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