grateful i got my indian corn planted

i have most of my garden planted. just a few things left.

i have 14 raised beds planted now. i have cabbage, onions, strawberries, radishes, cilantro, Anaheim peppers, bell peppers, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, okra, kale and cucumbers. my lettuce, leeks and spinach didnt come up. probably too cold when they should have been germinating.

i already had potatoes planted in my field garden. they already broke ground. i plant them in hills so the saturated ground didnt rot them out. i planted red potatoes. i like them boiled, fried, grilled or as new potatoes.

i planted my indian corn on monday. the weather report predicted a 40% chance of rain on Tuesday. i thought maybe the ground would never dry out. i had to take a chance and planted my corn.

it took some doing to plant the corn. the ground was still muddy. it was harder to dig a furrow to drop the seed in. it was also harder to cover the seeds. wet soil dont move as easily as dry soil. it is heavier too. it was a good thing my son joe came to help. he has for years. we planted 14 rows that are bout 100 feet long.

i was worried i would never get corn planted with all the rain that is predicted. now the corn will catch the rain. it should germinate well. later i will plant indian beans when the corn is bout three inches tall. then i will plant my squash. i have cantaloupes and watermelons to plant too. plenty of time for that.

i transplanted 8 tomato plants. i have different heirloom plants. i added Epsom salt to the hole i dug to put the tomatoes in. i noticed the fish heads and guts i buried there last fall pretty much decompose into the soil. that will help the tomatoes grow. some of the tomato plants had flowers on them. i pinched them off. they need to develop a good root system before i let them bear fruit.

i am glad i have all these things in the ground especially my indian corn. aint no maybe, might, gonnas. all of it is planted. now if it rains, it will help my garden grow. i have already eaten kale and radishes.

while i was working in the yard the past few days humming birds buzz right by me. i heard them and they are gone. i see them at the feeders i put out for them. next time i am in town i will buy some more feeders.

i still have plenty of things to keep me busy. i never know what will come up.