went to daycare pow wow

we got out of the house and went to the daycare pow wow.

my grand daughters kinikwe and miamikwe go to our daycare on the rez. i have nieces and nephews that go there too. the school had a graduation pow wow at peoples park yesterday. i needed a break from doing chores all week. we went over to support the kids.

i kicked back in my new lawn chair i got for my birthday. my old one broke. you cant pow wow without a personal lawn chair. there is always some street theater at pow wows. a few try their best to get noticed. that aint necessary. this is the rez. everyone knows who’s here.

the girls danced almost every song. i was able to visit with many friends and relatives. some just waved or nodded. a few shook my hand. that’s why i get out and about. i like to be around other people especially ones i know.

the day care gave away door prizes. i waited for them to draw my number. it didnt happen. i was hoping i would win another fishing pole. i have been so busy i haven’t had a chance to go fishing yet. once planting is all done and i am caught up with spring cleaning i will go fishing.

the day care was closed the rest of the day so we watched the girls. i enjoy anytime i can spend with my grand kids. they always make themselves at home at mishos’ and grandmas’ house. they rode some tricycles we bought at sparks flea market. we didnt have enough when four grand kids are here.

i cleaned the snapping turtle i had. it is now in the freezer. i will cook that later. i went to topeekie to buy some things. i found a note on my door when i got home. it said there was a turtle in the barrel. i leave a barrel in the garage just for that purpose. i am one Indian that really likes the taste of turtle.

while in town i bought a few companion plants to put in my grow boxes. i added leeks, egg plant and basil to my pepper plants. they grow good together. the boxes dwarf the small plants in them. i know that the grow boxes will be full of peppers when they are full grown. i will get plenty of peppers. i also added a dill plant to the box with cilantro. they grow together.

i am glad i found some leek plants. i used them in cooking soups and stews. i use them to cook turtle with too. i already transplanted the new plants as soon as i got home. i watered them. some of the plants were getting root bound. i pull some of the roots apart so they take root in the grow boxes.

i have a couple of graduation picnics i am going to tomorrow. one will be here on the rez. the other will be on the Kickapoo rez. i will try to watch how much i will eat. i have lost a few pounds from being so active doing spring chores.