a busy Saturday

i took a picture with my sisters in a photo booth, i was given another turtle, and my nephew graduated from high school.

it rained heavy yesterday. then it rained again last night. last year we were in near drought conditions. most likely not this year. we have had five and a half inches of rain so far this month. when transplanting my tomatoes last week i dug down a foot and it was still mud.

i am glad i took a gamble on that small window of opportunity last Monday and planted my indian corn. it should break ground this week. i have hoping that i get a good crop of corn this year. it is sacred to me. i wonder how many will get corn this year. not many grow it anyway.

since i have most things planted i have the attitude ‘let it rain’. i doubt others feel the same though. we have had so much rain that many haven’t gotten anything planted yet. the ground will stay wet most of this week.

it may be awhile before some get their gardens tilled. i am glad i built many grow boxes. they are ready to plant any time in the spring. just have to add fresh compost to them. i had to repair a few boxes but the rest were ready. that’s why i have a good start on my gardening.

i had a couple of graduation picnics to go to yesterday. i missed a call but got a text. someone wanted to know if i wanted a turtle. i said sure and went to pick it up. i wouldn’t have time later. the grandsons jumped in the car so they could see the turtle. i have two more to clean now. oh well, i will take care of them.

i was given some nenwezhek too. i have to get out and pick some this week. it should be plentiful this year with all the rain we had. i want to put some away. i will pick as much as i can.

i tried not to eat too much because i had two picnics to go to. on the way to the one on the rez the rain poured down. it really dumped a lot of rain. it eventually eased up. i got wet getting out of the car. once inside i was alright.

they had a photo booth at my nephews graduation celebration. my grand son made me take a picture with him. i was still in the booth when my sisters came to have one of us. the booth had props to wear while taking pictures. i wore a few while taking pictures to prove i can be a sport.

i enjoyed visiting with my relatives and having a good meal. i had to take off to the Kickapoo rez. there was another graduation celebration there. it was for my grand son. i am called misho by a lot of people now. seems where ever i go i am called uncle or misho. i like that.

this coming week end is the Brownville flea market. it is a mile long. i have been going to this one for years. maybe i will get my smoked turtle leg there. it is a two hour drive there. it takes me a couple of hours to walk thru all the stands. that tires me out. i have the two hour drive home to rest up.

will see what this week brings.