picked, froze and canned nenwezhek

we got busy picking, freezing and canning some nenwezhek

my sister in law gave us some nenwezhek this past weekend. we diced it up, then blanched it and froze it. we put it in two gallon freezer bags. we didnt over fill the bags because we wanted them to lay flat in the freezer. it is about a gallon of nenwezhek.

after getting that done i was up for more. one gallon wont last me. i used to get tired of eating it when we were growing up. now i really like the taste of it. i have some every time i see it served anywhere.

i told mary we should get out and pick some on Sunday. we drove around the rez to places where i have picked it before. really it is every where if you know where to look. many times you dont even have to look. it is every where. i am careful not to pick the one that will fool you.

it didnt take too long to pick a bunch of it. the leaves were big because of all the rain we had. i fill up the blue tub in the picture. it is about knee high. i walked along the road picking while mary followed in the car. i got my walking in again.

yesterday we diced it up, cooked it awhile and then Mary canned 16 quarts of it. that is equivalent to 4 gallons. we still have about that much more to can today. we will have about 9 gallons of it altogether. one gallon froze and 8 canned. that should last us through out the coming year. i know we always have it during our thanksgiving dinner.

i wanted it canned because it will save space in the freezer. we buy meat from the meat locker now and then. we also freeze some veggies in our freezer. we need a lot of room. i cleaned one turtle and have two more to clean. yep we need to save room in the freezer.

Sunday i checked on my indian corn. it broke ground. that only took 7 days to germinate. i soaked it before planting it. probably didnt need to. the ground has plenty of moisture in it. and it did rain after we planted it a couple of times. i was glad to see it come up. i want my indian corn.

my sema patch is weeded over. i plan to till it all under. some plants came up. i put them in pots. i started some sema seeds in growing flats. they are coming up. i will transplant them after i till the ground up. i have to wait until the ground dries out some. it rained again yesterday and last night. we will have more today.

i have been so busy with spring cleaning, planting, fixing grow boxes, picking wild onions, saving nenwezhek and cleaning turtle. it just wasnt these things. something always comes up. i didnt work on making any roaches. i will have a stand at our pow wow coming up soon. i will have to go with the ones i have on hand.

always busy.