more rain is predicted

our canned nenwezhek. my corn is growing and so are my potatoes

we or i should say mary got done canning the rest of the nenwezhek. i did the picking, washing and dicing it up. it took both of us to get it done. we ended up with 25 quarts canned. three of our jars didnt seal. we froze the nenwezhek in them so we wouldn’t lose it. we have 8 gallons to last us until next year. i doubt i will get out to pick more.

i had big plans to plant two fields of corn. that aint happening. it is too muddy. it may be getting late to try planting more. i will go with what i have planted. if it is a good year i should have plenty. if not, what difference does it make. i have learned long ago, you accept what ever nature will give you.

i am lucky that i planted corn when i did. the same with picking nenwezhek. both days were clear. no rain. right after i did both things it started raining. and it was rainy and muddy for the next few days after. gotta take opportunity when it presents itself.

it is suppose to rain again tonight. there are chances of rain for the next week. i wont get much done outside.  water was standing in my yard after the last rain. the ground was so saturated it wouldn’t soak it up. it took awhile for it to absorb or run off. the last two years i remember wondering when it would rain. now we have so much.

last year when i went to the Brownville flea market i seen an old tiller. it was a troy bilt just like the one i had. i asked the guy how much it was. he said $800. i thought that was high but i think that is what rebuilt ones go for. i still miss having my old one. it really tilled up my garden good. new ones dont work as well as that old tiller.

i haven’t had much chance to use my new tiller. it has less horse power than my old one. it is a five horse power. i need to till in between the rows of corn and next to my potatoes. the rain is making the weeds grow along side them. i need to till the weeds under so they dont take over.

i have been watching jeopardy with more interest lately. there is a guy on there who is on one hell of a run. he has won almost 2 million dollars so far. i usually record the show so i can watch every show. once i cut my cable i wont be able to do that anymore. i will have to watch it at five every day or miss it. many times i am not able to do that.

wonder what the rest of the week will bring.