holiday weekend

when you are retired every week end is a holiday week end. i had plans to go to a flea market today. i heard the Missouri river is at flood stage. dont know if that will affect the flea market or not. it did when we went another time when it was flooding. the place where we usually park along the river was partly under water. decided not to chance it.

i was up for that trip the past few days. it leaves me with nothing to do today. thats okay i have been busy. i have an unexpected road trip coming up any way.

my daughter is going to a baseball game in Minneapolis. she is on a quest to see a ball game in every ball park in the country. she already has been to many ball parks. i am just along for the ride. i will probably help drive too.

i haven’t been in Minneapolis in some time. i use to go to the twin cities often when larry lived there. i would go visit him. we would go to the casinos or to the aim pow wow. or we would go cruise franklin avenue to see the indian bars. neither one of us drank then. he would take me to the indian shops in town too.

larry is buried in the military cemetery there. if i have a chance i wouldn’t mind going to see his grave site. usually i dont get into that because i remember the person not the grave. since it is memorial day coming up i want to see where his grave is. i haven’t been to it yet.

that town will always remind me of my brother. i was there for a traditional foods conference a few years back. i could get around town easily because i had been there many times. it wasnt the same because Larry wasnt there.

the most recent county rag had a picture of my brother Gary in it. it was showing all the county high schools’ graduating class from 50 years ago. there were other Indians in that class too. next year my picture will be in the 50 year class. damn am i that old?

yesterday i was given another snapping turtle. i will have to clean 3 more of them now. i already have one in the freezer. the most i cleaned in one year was 13. i did 6 a few times. that’s why people bring them to me. not many do that anymore.

i moved the new chicks out to the chicken house a few days ago. they were getting too big to be on the back porch. i have a place fenced off so the big hens dont peck the hell out of them. when they are bigger i will turn them loose with the rest.

recently i lost two of my laying hens. and one hen is setting. my egg production is down now. i am getting about 3 eggs a day. that is enough for our house hold. we used to sell the surplus for chicken feed money.

my corn is coming up good. i can see the stalks in every row. i am happy about that. some of my strawberries are getting ripe. i got to taste one. it was really sweet. my grand sons have picked the rest. i might plant more when i build some more grow boxes. maybe then there will be some for me.