ready to cop some road time

our road trip to Minneapolis is still on. we are waiting on my daughter to get here later this afternoon. we will take off when she does. mary and i can do most of the driving. she can rest from the driving she had to do to get here.

i will get to spend time with my daughter. i haven’t seen her much these past few years. her work takes her all around the country. i think she is lucky she gets to go to so many places. and get paid for it. i am proud she has the education and experience to be able do that.

when i was bumming around all over i was broke most of the time. i rode buses or hitch hiked. a few times a government program paid my way. then left me on my own. i sought peace in alcohol and drugs. didnt find it so i always ended up back on the rez.

i still want to see my brother Larrys’ graves site. gotta do that on memorial day week end. i often think of my brothers i lost. Larry, Gary, Andy and Mikey. them and other bros that are gone. that’s one thing about getting older. you end up losing a number of people that are still dear to you. i will never forget my bros.

it rained again last night. good thing i mowed my yard. it was still wet in some areas. i had to leave a couple of places unmowed. the tires on my riding mower would just spin and kick up mud. i didnt want to tear up the yard so i left those areas alone. i did mow the bulk of the yard. now it wont be too tall from the coming rains.

my son Mishan brought me a Cuban cigar. he went on another cruise in the Caribbean. i will enjoy smoking that cigar. it beats the occasional cheap cigar i smoke. life is too short to smoke cheap cigars. you gotta have a Cuban every now and then. i know i shouldn’t smoke but hell i am allowed a few pleasures in life.

i had some trees and/or branches on our allotment fall over during recent storms. it is elm wood. we use it in ceremonies. i put in a request with a tribal program a couple of years ago to cut it for me. i told them if it falls over it just rots out and isn’t made use of. now some of it is falling over.

i hope i dont have to pay someone to help me out. i dont want to see that wood go to waste. i would do it but i accept reality. my arthritis pain flares up when i do any thing physical. i am getting older.

i know how it is, that’s why i volunteer to help others whenever i can. not all indians believe in that though. some wont help even if they are paid. i have said money is the best thing to happen to us. and the worst thing. the love of money and power has changed too many of our people. its a good thing not all of our people are like that.

that’s why i am up for a road trip. sometimes you just gotta step back and see things from another angle.