back home on da rez

clockwise: the boys picked strawberries, i scored a bag at game, selfie at the twins base ball game

all the rain has made my straw berries grow. the boys pick them as fast as they become ripe. we are getting some big berries. they are sweeter than what is sold at the grocery stores. plus we have the satisfaction of knowing we put work in growing these. every thing tastes better when you grow it yourself.

i got back from a short road trip up north eh. i rode along to Minneapolis. needed some road time. i haven’t been any where. i have been busy with my garden, daily chores and spring cleaning.

i enjoyed our drive time. my daughters’ car has Sirius radio. we were listening to a 60s channel. i turned it to a 50s channel once to hear early rock and roll songs. good jams to make driving go easier. it didnt drown out our conversations. we noticed all the rivers were up from the rain. water stood in many fields.

we stayed at a couple of air b & bs. i haven’t done that before. the first night we stayed at a couples place in des moines. the man was irish and his wife was English from south Africa. the guy did the ancestry thing. he found out he was 1% native American. he was born in Ireland. we got a kick out of that. when we left next day i told his wife to tell him it was nice to stay with a fellow native.

as soon as we got to Minneapolis i wanted to see my brother Larrys’ grave site. it was at fort snelling military cemetery. we had to get a print out of the map to find it. i had a brief moment of sadness missing my brother. i got over it. like the old indians say if you treat a person right while they are alive you are alright when they are gone.

we went to check into our air b n b. the lady that owned the place was out of town. we got the whole house to our selves. i found that staying in a house is better than a motel room. it has that home feeling. actually it is someones home.

we went to the Minnesota twins baseball game. it was the 24th baseball stadium my daughter has been to a baseball game in. she only has 5 more to go to fill her bucket list item. i have no doubt she will see the rest. they gave away a twins duffel bag for the promotion at this game. i have it in the picture.

the game was fun to watch. we were even on the stadium cam. we looked up at the big screen and seen our selves. we could just wave. we were suppose to be singing because it was a sing along. we didnt know the song. we didnt think to get a picture of us on the big screen. it was over in a few seconds. wabeno had her twins hat on and mary had her twins hoodie on. i wasnt wearing the twins t shirt i bought.

i had another regret. the twins were having a rally. the batter was named eddie Rosario. many in the crowd started chanting ed-dee, ed-dee, ed-dee. and eddie was flashing in lights around the screens in the stadium. i dont know why the hell i didnt get a video of hearing my name and seeing it flashing on the screens.

the crowd musta spurred the guy on. he hit a three run homer. the twins won the game. i had a good time. even had a 5 dollar hot dog and 5 dollar lemonade. you have to eat the over priced food at a stadium. it is part of the experience. we sat in the left field bleachers.

i had a good time on this trip. now i have to get ready to have a stand at our pow wow. rain is predicted. over the years it has rained many times. i will have fun no matter what.