time to pow wow

got a stand at our pow wow

we had our first night of the pow wow last night. what makes this pow wow different for me is i have a stand. actually i am sharing a stand with my sister jackie. we are in a good location. it is on the main drag where everyone walks.

it might seem i am missing out by not watching the dancing. its okay. i get to watch the indians walk by. some like to be the show too. there is always street theater at pow wows.

i haven’t sold a roach but i couldn’t ask for better advertising. i am reaching the target group i want to see my roaches. i had many positive comments. its nice to hear dancers say this is quality work. they especially liked the roaches with a double row of front hair.

i take much pride in my work. i humbly say that it only took me 40 years to get my art that good. i told a few people i wish i had a dollar for every comment i got.

many took my business card. there was sincere interest in my roaches. a few said if they win at the casino or in the dance contests they will buy a roach. i told them i hope they win.

a few others definitely sounded like they want one probably in the future. not many carry that kind of cash around. a few took pictures of my roaches to send to someone. i told a few i would consider a trade for something of equal value. i cant afford indian arts but i can trade for it. i have traded for things like indian tanned hides or moccasins etc.

it was a small crowd for first night. tonight is Saturday night, typically the biggest night of every pow wow. the crowd will be bigger. i will set up early today. the day crowd will be checking out the stands. i want to do that too.

i did go down the hill and recorded northern cree singing the grand entry song. i will put it on my computer with the rest of my pow wow videos. i like to listen to them. i have a lot of good songs i can jam too.

i ate from a migo stand. i like their soft steak tacos with onion and cilantro. dont want to offend my native friends but i can eat an indian taco any time. pow wows aren’t my only opportunity to have one. i will be eating pow wow food all weekend. i dont want to eat too much fried food.

i have to do my chores before heading over to the pow wow. my dogs and chickens have to be fed and watered every day. and i have to bring in the eggs. that is the reason i raise chickens. i have to have fresh eggs.

i haven’t taken many pictures. maybe i will get some today. some one has to be at the stand all the time. mary will watch for me if i gotta go walk around or get something to eat. i have a cooler full of water and pop. trying to save a few bucks.

gotta get ready to ease on over to the pow wow.